Spice Islands-Banda Naira- By Brian

“THE ISLAND CAN BE SMELLED before it can be seen.  From more than ten miles out to sea a fragrance hangs in the air, and long before the bowler-hat mountain hoves into view you know you are nearing land.”- Nathaniel’s Nutmeg View More

Checking into Ambon, Indonesia- By Brian

I have been to Indonesia quite a few times so I like to think I’ve got a good knowledge of the country. I know their customs, daily routines, the fact you need a VPN if you want to access porn sites (more info on this here), and that there are certain dress codes that need to be followed. But one thing I’m never prepared for is the amount of effort you need to put into actually getting into the country!

“You need an agent.” seems to be a common term here in Indonesia. My reply was always the same. I do have an agent. That’s how I got my Indonesian Cruising Permit and Social Visas. This would always be followed by hushed conversation in Indonesian. View More

Busy in Ambon, Indonesia- By Brian

Our first taste of a bustling Indonesian city came in form of Ambon, Indonesia. After having to motor the 120 miles from Banda Naira (yep, 0-2 knots of breeze) and dodging fishing huts we arrived in the early afternoon and set out to explore the city and check in with Immigration and the Harbor Master. View More

Ambon To Air- By Josje

Dolphins came to swim at the bow yet again as we took up the anchor and left Ambon. To be honest, we weren’t too sad to leave. The only reason we stopped by was to check in with immigration and pick up some fresh fruit and veg. View More

Living The Dream- By Karin

It feels like ages since Brian and I first started talking about sailing to Indonesia. We were in Melbourne, Australia and I had a break from university so some internet research was in order. View More

Pirate Watch in Sorong- By Brian

It’s 4:30AM and I’m on night watch.  Only we’re not sailing- we’re at anchor in Sorong, Indonesia.  The weather is calm and it’s a pleasant night.  Why would one be on watch then you ask?  Shouldn’t I be cozy in my bunk resting?  View More

I Made It! By Phoebe

Stepping off the plane I was confronted with a gush of hot sticky air and a smiling face holding up an umbrella. “Welcome to Sorong!” I said excitedly to myself, almost in disbelief.. Hallelujah!!! View More