Delos 2.0

Delos Explorer 53

Go Anywhere. Aluminum Construction. Hybrid Drive.

For the past 15 years we’ve sailed the worlds oceans, dedicated to capturing and sharing the amazing beauty of this small marble we call home.  Over 85,000 nautical miles of sailing we learned a lot about ourselves, about what works, and what doesn’t at sea!  As we circumnavigated a dream was born to design Delos 2.0, an Aluminum Expeditionary Catamaran capable of traversing all corners of the globe in safety and comfort. A sailboat built by cruisers, for cruisers.

Designed by Cruisers, For Cruisers

Delos 2.0 emphasizes all aluminum construction, a gigantic solar array, integrated rain water collection, hybrid-electric propulsion, proven and reliable systems, low maintenance exterior, and is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate cruising platform.  She is engineered to surpass ISO CE Class A Requirements with watertight bulkheads, 6mm hull plates below the waterline, protected propellors and rudders, a fully insulated hull, and a unique outside galley with integrated dinghy storage and a walk around entertainment platform!

A sailboat built by cruisers, for cruisers.

General Arrangement

General Arrangement Full Size

Vital Stats

LOA 16.0 m (52′ 6″)
LOD 15.5 m (50′ 11″)
LWL 15.9 m (52′ 5″
Beam 7.7 m (25′ 7″)
Draught (Canoe) 0.66 m (2′ 2″)
Draught (Keel) 1.2 m (3′ 11″)
Power (Diesel Hybrid) Nanni N4.80 Diesel + 2 X 25KW Electric Motor
Hull Speed Under Power  9.5 knots
Air Draft  23.03 m (75′ 6″)
Sail Area Upwind  154.5 m2 (1663 Sq ft)
Underwing Clearance  845 mm (2′ 9″)
Fuel Capacity  860 liters (227 USG)
Fresh Water Capacity  900 liters (238 USG)
Solar Capacity  ~3,750 Watts
Battery Capacity  ~40 KWH

Optimized for Life @ Sea

1) Hybrid Electric Propulsion

The propulsion system is based upon a Parallel Electric Hybrid drive.  One hull contains a Nanni N4.80 diesel engine with a belt driven 25KW electric motor.  The other hull will be purely electric with a 25KW electric motor.  This configuration, along with a unique mechanical clutch will allow us to run under diesel power for long range, diesel power + electric power (hybrid arrangement), or pure electric power.   In addition both electric motors can act as regeneration units to replenish the batteries under sail.  The clutch system allows us to disengage the propellor shaft and run the diesel engine coupled to the electric motor as a giant DC generator at anchor!


2) Aft Dinghy Platform

Instead of standard single purpose davits for the dinghy this design incorporates a unique walk around platform.  The platform serves as a rock-solid mount for the dinghy at sea.  At anchor the dinghy chocks can slide out of the way giving you a large space to relax, fish, or set up your gear for the next dive.  Integrated dive compressor, tanks, gear storage, life raft, and an abundance of storage in the aft lockers make life at anchor absolute bliss!

3) Rudder Skeg and Protected Props

Instead of the traditional sail-drive and spade rudder combination found on most production catamarans this design incorporates a shaft driver propellor and rudder skeg.  This protects both the rudder and propellor from debris strikes and groundings.  The shaft driven propellor is a well proven and reliable design without any of the delicate intricacies introduced by a sail drive.  This, along with mini-keels, allow the design to be beached without worrying about damage to the running hear.


4) Outside Galley

Inspired by years of cooking and entertaining in the sweltering tropics we have incorporated an outside galley complete with refrigerator, sink, grill/stove, and a fish filet and prep station all conveniently located in the aft lounge.  With an extended roof providing protection from the elements and all the sailing controls centrally located in the forward cockpit this area is all about lounging, entertaining, and relaxing!  When you are in “anchor mode”  the walk around aft platform provides bar like access to serve up those tasty drinks and treats hot off the grill.

5) Insulated Hull

Fabricated entirely out of 5083 aluminum alloy and fully insulated this vessel is meant to be comfortable in both the tropics and higher latitudes.  The 6mm hull thickness below the waterline gives you extra strength and confidence for venturing well off the grid.



6) Watertight Bulkheads

Watertight compartments located in the forward crash compartments, forepeaks, amid ships, and engine rooms give you an extra sense of security should the worst imaginable occur.

7) Forward Sailing Cockpit

The forward sailing cockpit  provides a centrally located place for all the sheets, halyards, and winches.  This leads to very efficient line handling and makes short handed sailing a snap.  This also cleans up the aft lounge area for relaxing when at anchor.  The protected helm position located in the cabin will keep you warm and dry even in the worst of conditions, and the forward door provides an incredible amount of ventilation.

8) Massive Solar Array

The gigantic space on the roof will allow for ~ 3.5 KW of solar power, providing for even the most power hungry systems.

9) Extended Aft Lounge Roof

If you are cruising for an extended period of time staying out of the elements becomes a major concern.  Large shaded areas giving protection from the sun, wind, and rain are a must.  For this design we carried the roof all the way back to the end of the transoms.  This gives us an incredibly large area for solar, rain water collection, and protects the entire aft lounge, aft galley, and platform from the elements.  It also has the side effect of giving us a strong point to lift the dinghy from which means we can save space and weight by not having traditional davits.


To build this incredible sailing machine we’re partnering with De Villiers Marine Design and Stradbroke Yachts.  If you’re interested in the ultimate cruising boat please let us know by filling out the form below!  XXOO and sending lot’s of good vibes and fair winds your way. Brian, Karin, and Sierra

Yes, I’m Interested!  Please contact me about the Delos Explorer 53

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