Safety At Sea

Our offshore medical kit has come together over 10 years of cruising! It’s based on recommendations from marine physicians and our own personal experiences of the trip.  We hope that it helps you to to decide what is important for you to have onboard.  We highly recommend visiting a physician specializing in marine medicine that can tailor a kit for your offshore plans.  Fair winds, peace and love!  The Delos Crew

Delos Offshore Medical Kit Inventory

Contents of Delos Med Cabinet

Recommended Reading

Advanced First Aid Afloat- Peter Eastman

SV Delos Medical Kit and Drugs PDF

SV Delos Medical Kit, Antibiotics, and Pain Relief

Oxygen Kit

Rapid Oxygen R15

Online Medical Kits

Prescription Medical Kits

A few years into our sailing adventure the cruising kitty ran dry, and we stopped sailing to work for a year in Australia.  A fellow cruiser gave us the idea to document our travels with YouTube Sailing Videos so we purchased a small camcorder and started making our own homemade sailing movies about our adventures Sailing Around The World.  To date we’ve published over 200 videos on sailing, scuba diving and traveling around the world by sailboat.  We’ve poured our heart and soul into them, and hope you enjoy watching as much as we did making them!  The videos are all FREE for you to enjoy!

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