How do we afford to sail around the world?!

We get lots of awesome questions around how we got started, our most memorable moments, how we afford to sail, lessons learned, etc. Whenever possible, we love to meet up with fans and do live presentations where we can field some of these types of questions. We have more videos on the way, and we’ll continue to update this page. In the meantime, have a look at the videos below, and check out our FAQ page.

Check out our Ft. Lauderdale presentation!

Who are we? Why do we make YouTube videos and Whats it like to live travel and work together 24/7? In our Ft. Lauderdale presentation we talked about these things and more! It was a crazy humbling experience to have so many beautiful people show up to share stories and a beer with us. And to the guy who kept buying us shot after shot during the presentation we thank you too, kind of…. 🙂 Seriously Tribe! Thanks to everyone who made the journey to come meet up. It filled us with a crazy amount of love and inspiration! See you for the next one 🙂 Thanks to our mate Scott for coming and filiming the whole thing for us and then editing it together! You’re awesome man!

Check out our Denmark presentation!

On a trip to Sweden Brian and Karin were invited to have a little chat in Copenhagen at local yacht club! They answer questions about cruising and how Brian came accross Delos plus much much more! Special thanks to Mette and Ole for the good times! Next time we come through Copenhagen will be even better!

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