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thought 3 – by lisa

tuesday 21.11.2017, 10:45, abrolhos in brazil

having a camera, or actually a bunch of cameras, around you on a daily basis is not very common. at least it was not normal for me before i came on delos. in fact, it’s still not normal for me. but it’s part of the game and i enjoy playing the game, otherwise i would not be here anymore i guess. in the last few days i thought a lot about how i actually feel about being filmed in every situation, how my interactions with the camera/s has changed over time and how i feel about that this footage will be seen by thousands of people out there.

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Thought 2 – by Lisa

wednesday 19.07.2017, 13:11, somewhere between ascension island and brazil


we’re in the middle of nowhere. far from land and far from any civilization. although two cargo ships crossed our way earlier today, but that doesn’t count. View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 27 “Onwards to Brazil!”

It’s the morning of our departure. I wake, my body burning for movement as we excitedly prepare Delos to leave Bird Rock. Yes, that’s right-we did return to that amazing place. After spending another week on Ascension Island, we decided we had no choice but to escape back to its protective rocky embrace. It’s been an incredible couple of days diving, relaxing and sunbathing, but now it’s time. View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 26 “Becoming a Mermaid.”

We’re off early this morning. We’re heading to an amazing dive site called Bird Rock. It’s nice to get away from the island to be honest. I love Ascension, but already I know it’s time for us to leave. We’re here for another week and we’ve got a lot more adventures to be had, but whenever I look out into the ocean, I feel a restlessness. View More

Thought 1 By Lisa!

saturday 17.06.2017, 21:54, st.helena

it’s the last night here on st.helena. karin, brian, lizbef and i just came back from our farewell drinks at the muleyard – a local “hang out spot“ for the saints and stranded cruisers. View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 18 “Slow and Low, Liz!”

We’ve been here just over a week now in St Helena. I knew when I landed here that I was always supposed to come to this place and I deeply feel that more than anything. But I am already feeling the stirrings of restlessness to be back on the ocean.

We’ve explored the land and I’ve felt a shifting of allegiance in my heart. View More

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