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Over the years we’ve found so many things that make our lives easier out here. From cameras to drones to must have tools, survival gear, galley essentials, and even things for a toddler onboard. Check it out at our SV Delos Amazon Storefront! If you do we’ll get a little love into our beer fund as well 🙂

SV Delos Amazon Storefront
SV Delos Amazon Storefront

It doesn’t matter if you’re at sea or on land, there’s always room for a little more happiness and adventure. Whether you’re looking to become a better sailor, or just needing a little escape here and there, these lists are a great starting place. Many of the links are to Amazon, so hopefully that makes them a little easier to find. If you DO purchase from the links, we get a little kick into the beer fund. 🙂 Happy reading.

Relax & Escape – Leisure Reads

cool traveling and sailing books

Adventure Books

There’s nothing quite like curling up in the cold with a book, or sprawling out with one in the sun. Here are our favorite adventure reads.

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cool traveling and sailing movies

Thought Books

On water or on land, cruising is a state of mind. These books put things into perspective, and have genuinely made life a little happier!

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cool traveling and sailing movies

Sailing Movies

Looking to get into the salty spirit on a weeknight with a loved one? Here are some of our go-to sailing movies…and a few to avoid!

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Learn & Plan – Resources

cool traveling and sailing books

Practical Sailing

Regardless of experience, these practical sailing books have some great teachings about the art and discipline of sailing the open seas!

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cool traveling and sailing movies


There is a shipload of helpful information to be found in community forums and specialty sites. Here are our favorite digital anchorages.

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cool traveling and sailing movies


Seems like every day there is a new tool or app dedicated to making life more predictable on the open water. Here’s our running list!

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