Sailing Books


Escape from the Ordinary– Julie Bradley

Dove– Robin Lee Graham

The Long Way– Bernard Moitessier

Chasing the Long Rainbow– Hal Roth

Sailing Alone Around The World– Joshua Slocum

Three Years in a 12 Foot Boat– Stephen Ladd

The Curve Of Time– M. Wylie Blanchett

The Old Man And The Sea– Earnest Hemingway

Two Years Before The Mast– Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Tales of the South Pacific– James Michener

Fatu Hiva– Thor Heyerdahl

Kon Tiki– Thor Heyerdahl

Nathaniels Nutmeg– Giles Milton

The Shark God– Charles Montgomery

Typee– Herman Melville

Getting Stoned With Savages– J. Marten Troost

The Happy Isles of Oceana– Paul Theroux

The Sex Lives of Cannibals– J. Marten Troost

Fighter Pilot– Mac ‘Serge’ Tucker

The Elephant Whisperer– Lawrence Anthony