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Wanna Crew On Delos?

Yes!  We take complete strangers sailing on Delos.  And no!  There is no experience required 🙂  Here’s how it works:  we put up a post on with the date, location, and the number of  bunks we have available.  Those that are interested in the trip opt-in with a comment on the post. We do a drawing based on those names, and invite the winner to come for a visit!  Check out our BVI Crew Post to see how it works.  To get more info and see how you could qualify for a drawing visit!

The Sailing Vessel Delos Crew

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” -Tim Cahill

We’ve met some inspiring and incredible people on our trip around the world. Between the overwhelming amount of love shown to us from the Delos Tribe, and remote ports of call in 26 countries, we’ve had so many amazing people aboard Delos that have made this trip possible. Without them, and supporters like you, we would never be able to document this journey to the level of detail available here. Without further ado, let’s introduce your merry band of seafaring gypsies!


Check our SCUBA Diving PADI meetup, to see what a Delos Group Meetup looks like, and our  BVI CrewPost to see how Crew on Delos drawings work.  Your $250.00 coupon is good for an original Delos Crew T-shirt, Solar Long Sleeve Rashguard, or anything else your heart desires!


CAPT. BREEYAWN (aka. Dad move, Papa grub, Breeyawnie)

Brian was raised in the small city of Flagstaff, Arizona. At the age of 22, he moved to Seattle to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering at UW and with his bright mind and witty smile Brian started up his own software company. By his early 30’s, Brian found something was missing, and he dreamt of bigger adventures and more meaning in his life. He read the book ‘3 years on a 12foot boat’ and the dream to create his own odyssey and sail around the world was born. He sold his house, his cars, and all his possessions that tied him down to a corporate society. Three boats later and endless days of hard work, Brian’s dream became a reality when he bought Delos in Seattle in 2008 with the intention of sailing her across the Pacific to Australia over the course of 2 years. 6 years have now passed, people have left, people have joined and the trip has turned into something much more than just ‘cruising’; it has turned into something truly magical. Brian feels like sailing and cruising on Delos has changed his DNA, he’s a hands-on, laid back, and very smart chap. His stubborn nature means he is persistent with all projects and won’t stop until he gets the task done. Brian radiates an aura of confidence, which automatically creates a sense of trust and safety for anyone who comes into contact with him. Although a software nerd at heart, he has a weird fixation with strong tastes, a low tolerance to bad smells, is the ultimate snuskhummer and a true and loving sailor.

Mr. Brady (Aka. Braidster, Grub, Pug, B**** Face, Faka-Face)

His name is Brady.  Where is Brady Trautman now? After over 10 years and 70,000 NM of sailing around the world Brady has evolved his passion of sailing into a full fledged sailing school called Cruisers Academy! Brady is a charismatic and funny guy, kind of the ‘joker’ of the Delos crew and he brings laughter, love and an easy-going flow to the boat. He’s a keen-as sailor and a cracker-jack diver.  Originally from Florida, he got more than half  way through his Environmental Engineering degree before fully making the transition into the sailing and cruising life. He’s lived and sailed on Delos since 2010 after hopping on in Mexico.  He was only supposed to come for a month to help sail to Tahiti, but somehow those months slipped on by, and now its five years and thirty something thousand miles later. And he’s still loving it! Not only is Brady a Dive Master, Dive Instructor, and Rescue Diver but he can also whip up a mean Pico De Gallo or Ceviche, all while filleting a Tuna or Mahi with the other hand. On the off seasons, Brady used to spend his time rolling burritos and more recently working on superyachts to save money to continue sailing. Brady now lives and breathes the Delos vibe, his love for sailing and sharing this adventure shows in his passion for life!  His amazing ability to connect with people, no matter where in the world we are, has really helped spread the love of Delos. On top of that, his marketing ideas and video editing skills are a huge part of what Delos has become. When not sailing, diving or fishing Brady enjoys eating, drinking Scotch, and sleeping.  Brady’s an interesting guy where everything is not always quite as it seems.

Karin (aka Swedish Princess, Kazza, Kazzatron, Kazinator)

Karin grew up in the Arctic Circle, in the most northern part of Sweden where they wear 1000 layers and eat smoked reindeer heart. Her transition to sailing in the tropics was an interesting one. She met Delos in New Zealand back in 2011 while on a short holiday from her busy University life where she studied in Australia. She flew out to Delos every chance she got that year while still studying and once completed with her Landscape Architecture degree, moved on board full time. It was something that she never really thought about as an option for the future, but after falling crazy in love with Brian and the boat, when the opportunity arose, there was no doubt in her mind to join the Delos journey. Previously knowing nothing about sailing, she’s now become a keen sailor and cruising on Delos has completely changed her life in the sense of becoming a more adventurous soul. Karin now sees Delos as a permanent way of life and although she wants to start a family in the future, this lifestyle has turned from a possibility into something that will still sustain her for a long time to come. Her systematic and thought-out nature has helped turn Delos from a lifestyle into a sailing business. She’s small, extremely kind and enjoys taking small naps every now and then.

ALEX (aka Blue, Blues Clues, Baby Blue, Mama Koala)

Alex Blue!  Where is Alex Blue now? After crossing the Atlantic Ocean 3 times and racking up over 25,000 Nm, her and Brady Trautman have created the Cruisers Academy to teach and spread their love of the ocean on a personal level. A love for all things oceanic, we think her blood is made of seawater and we’re sure she has gills somewhere. Known for always saying yes to a party or second helpings at dinner, Blue has been known to wander Delos at all hours of the night to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. An incredible photographer, videographer and film maker, Blue has a rare gift of showing us the world in all of its technicolour glory. Obsessed with sunsets, sunrises, rainbows (and most recently Octopuses), Blue has a deep love for nature and especially for the creatures of the deep ocean. Known for crop tops, tie dye, and her never-ending kindness, we never feel blue with our Alex Blue.

LISA (aka Liseeeer, Baby Koala, Ninja Beast, Miss Austria)

It is with great pride that we bring to you Lisa- AKA The Ninja Beast, Miss Austria, 1940’s Girl who Punches Boys, Baby Koala and DJ Downwind. The winner from our Crew Competition, we were drawn in by her creative and lighthearted spirit- not to mention her badass video. A talented contemporary artist from Austria, our Ninja Beast has many loves in life. With a deep faith in Jesus Christ and the Teachings of the Bible, she also loves yoga, sailing and all things hiking. Gifted with flexibility that would put a cat to shame, we’re always finding Lisa in weird positions whether she’s asleep or awake. With an uncanny ability to immortalise the dramatic relationship between light and dark with her camera, she has been known to stay up at all hours just to capture the stars. With her huge heart, we always know our spirits are in good hands with Lisa, our Miss Austria.

ELIZABETH (aka Lizbeth, Miss England, Port Elizabeth)

Lizbeth drinks tea like an English girl, guzzles rum like a pirate, and terrorizes a port like a sailor fresh off the sea.    In a matter of months she’s gone from not knowing port and starboard to hand steering across the ocean.  We’ve also gone from just smiling and nodding when she talked to actually being able to understand what she says, well most everything anyway.

So how did Miss England make the move from the middle of England to Delos?  While visiting her parents in Australia she had a pretty disastrous date.  In a fairly drunken state in the cab ride home she decided to send us a message on Facebook.  It really spoke to us, and after a few weeks of chatting and social stalking we invited her to Cape Town to hang out for a week or two.  Well, it’s now many, many months later and she’s still here!

Port Elizabeth is a damn good writer and has captured our hearts with her blog series “The Delos Diaries”.   When not writing a new Delos blog or working on her own novel you can find her painting, watching Black Sails, or stomping on deck to build up steps on her Fit Bit watch.  Elizabeth has many new likes since joining Delos including eating healthy, French men, hippie things like braids and not wearing shoes, wearing t-back thongs and a push up bra to sunbath,  and taking scissors to perfectly good shirts to “improve them”.  Her dislikes include peanut butter, bananas, pears, mint chocolate, real coke (‘cause real coke has like 200 fucking calories a can) , raw carrots, peas, meals lacking cheese or meat, hiking, camping, people that don’t know who Shakespeare is, and anyone that speaks ill of England or the Crown.

You can take the girl out of the midlands, but you can’t take the midlands out of the girl!

Previous Crew

JENS (aka Jenstein)

How does a random 36 year old german dude from Berlin hitch a ride on Delos?!?!?  Well, he captured our hearts with an open and honest video and won our Patreon “Tell us who’d be the best Delos pirate in 60 seconds or less” competition.  Jens is a damn fine sailor and took to life on Delos like a pirate takes to rum.  Jens had never left Europe before, but within hours of arriving he was three sheets to the wind grinding on a Madagascar dance floor right along with the natives.  We were so proud J   We were even prouder when he scrubbed the bottom, did his first real scuba dive, found a human skull, then sailed over 1,500 miles from Madagascar to South Africa.  Jens enjoys sailing, smoking cigarettes, and trims the most accurate bacon you have ever seen.  Plus he has a smile that will just melt your heart.  Go Jenstein!

ULI (aka Ulicious)

Ulicious is brother to Jenstein and joined Delos for the sail from Madagascar to South Africa. He’s a man of few words and claims to not know English very well, but we suspected otherwise and occasionally caught him being fully fluent.  He enjoys smoking, playing video games, and thinly slicing garlic.  When Ulicious joined Delos he claimed to not know how to cook.  Our response?  Oh yeah, well you better learn real quick sucka!  Within a week he was whipping up delicious freshly caught wahoo and spaghetti Bolognese from scratch.   Go Ulicious!

GREG (aka Green-Green, Green Machine) and CHYANNE (aka. Chy Chy, Che Che, Next on stage Chyanna Dakota)

These two are amazing souls both individually and when put together.  Chyanne submitted a video into our “who wants to be a Delos Pirate” crew contest and won our hearts instantly.  Without hesitation they flew from America to Madagascar on a 48 hour trip that tested their comfort zone.  Once on Delos we sailed, partied and traveled together for an amazing 4 weeks.  Greg has the type of personality that makes you feel comfortable no matter what situation you’re in.  He’s always there to help whether it’s in the galley or changing sails and never really says the word no to anything! Chyanne has an incredible easy going personality and is constantly smiling!  She also has a hidden talent of telling dad jokes… Our favorite is “What kind of BEES give you milk?!  …… BOOBEES!

CAMILLA (aka Camilla-lilla, Camilatron)

Hailing from Sweden, Camilla has sailing in her blood. Apart from her Viking tendencies and stunning Swedish looks she and Neptune are best mates! She grew up cruising the world with her parents and when she should have gone to a normal high school, she decided to take typical high school courses on a tall ship sailing from Sweden to the Caribbean and back. After her semester at sea, Camilla went on to medical school in Gotenberg.  She now spends her time either sailing, studying medicine, rock-climbing or sleeping depending on how she is feeling at the moment. Apart from being super smart Camilla is a talented photographer and keen scuba diver as well!

CARMEN (aka Karma-Gedden)


AKA Carmagedon, Carmatron, and Carmatoe. Carmen is a wild and colorful 22 year old South African girl with a lot of positive energy and a constant smile on her face. Born and raised in South Africa and her creativity has taken her to many other places around the world. Crafting her own jewelry, dream catchers, hammocks and much more she travelers around to different festivals hula hooping, fire dancing and being a gypsy fairy of love spreading good vibes! She hiccups when she gets excited makes a MEAN Spicy curry and strongly dislikes when people bite their nails.  We have feeling she will give us a lot of good quotes to use…today she said “I’m sooo excited to have a little sister like Brady” Check out her colorful Instagram here. (@carma_enchanted)



AKA Dil-lion, Dilly Dill, Dilizard. This dude is a 6’9’’ tall man-boy from Zimbabwe but living in South Africa. Dillon will never say no to any adventure, seriously, he won’t say no! He runs like a cheetah and is incredibly creative with a camera, especially after breathing in a bit of nature. He just quit his job to go on an endless adventure with his best bud Killa-Krill, first sailing with Delos then motor biking through Vietnam teaching English amongst other things. He definitely has the best narrating voice we have heard on Delos. Deep Dark and Mysterious…. He surprises you with random talents like a beautiful painting or traditional African dance-move. This man-boy is a business minded, adventure loving, childish grape eater. Follow Dillon’s adventures on his Instagram here. (@theafricannomad)



AKA Killa-Krill! From Bulgaria originally but South African at heart. The man with the endless smile. He is a bit shy but always has a positive outlook on shit that’s going down, no matter what. He is stoked to be on any adventure and will always be that last one up with you when the beers run out. He is new to the world of sailing and scuba diving but can’t wait to take it all in. Killa-Krill can whip up a wicked good stir fry, as we just found out… Killa-Krill and is best mate Dil-lion quit there respectable jobs to sail with Delos for a bit before heading to Vietnam to ride around on motorbikes and teach English…Not only does he have crazy good creative and video editing skills he is working on his fall back rap career of being the infamous Killa-Krill. We shall call his album “beats and bangs from the bottom of the table cloth”. Check out Kiril’s awesome Youtube channel here, and his Instagram here. (@kirilvdobrev)


ramatree josje svdelos

Josje-Maxime Leyten (AKA Yosh, YOOshers, Josjerama, Raminator, Josjematrix, Rama, Kiwi) is a freedom and love-searching lady. Josje brings out the gypsy pirate in all of us! She was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand and although she has a sweet-as Kiwi accent, her heritage is 100% Dutch. Josje is super creative, organized, and artistic. She is able to see the beauty in everything and has a very spiritual light to her. In early 2011, a terrible earthquake that destroyed much of the city and Josje’s place of work struck Christchurch. So with a few thousand dollars and her small backpack, she took a chance and leapt into the world in search of something. Having never sailed before, she decided to jump on board her aunt and uncles sailboat, ‘SV Drifter’ where they sailed from New Zealand north to the Fiji Islands. After completing the passage and spending some time in Fiji, she then ran into the unruly crew of Delos in Musket Cove, Fiji. Brady asked Josje to come and sail for the weekend, and after having a blast and seeing the connection, she jumped ship to call Delos home. Josje is naturally at home on the Ocean and in the Sun, especially if there is some salt and vinegar chips within reach. During the off season, she would work in hospitality and more recently on Super yachts to refill the cruising kitty. Josje has really grown into an amazing sailor over the past few years and is finding her way in life, paving her path through this amazing journey, grabbing every opportunity with bold hands and no hesitations. Josje has now started her own brand/idea/website called RamaTree, where she is exploring her creativity and love for nature through fabric, making jewellery, colour, writing, photography, positivity and love. Check out her exciting new ramatree website here and her vibrant instagram page here. You can also read more about Josje’s transition from the ocean to land/from Delos to New Zealand here.



Frida and Karin grew up together in Sweden and have remained really good friends over the years. Frida has been working and travelling abroad for the past 7 years, working as a Florist but mostly fulfilling her passion of painting and creating installations. Frida is a pretty amazing and inspiring Artist, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, wear crazy clothes or dance in the middle of the street. Her and her partner Max, joined Delos in early 2015 for the Indian Ocean season, never having sailed before, ready for their next adventure. Get some inspiration and color in your life by visiting and daily arts and love at fallondrin instagram. (@fallondrin)



(AKA Manskraft) Max is the Ultimate Swede! He is together with Frida and has also been living and traveling abroad for the past 4 years. Also knowing nothing about sailing, Max has probably been the fastest learner on the boat, he’s switched on and has really become quite the Swedish salty sea dog. We truly believe he is a distant relative to Thor Heyerdahl. He has created his own company in the online casino business where he is trying to make his own living. His real passion is music and you’ll often see him sitting in the saloon with his headphones on grooving out and making some new ‘tropical house’ goodness. Its awesome because we’ve managed to incorporate a lot of Max’s music into our videos which has been a great flow of positive energy!


svdelos babs

(Pronounced Bubs) Bubsies is the cheeky middle sister between Phoebe and Josje and has been traveling the globe, working and experiencing for the past 4 years now. Babs is a creative spirit that loves to try new things and have a taste of everything in life. She has worked in different fields from a bubbly bartender, to a Spanish nanny, a marijuana trim ninja, and recently worked in sales in the UK. While Babs was backpacking in South America, the opportunity arose to jump on Delos so she leapt at the chance! She joined the boat when Brady and Josje returned to Delos in early 2015. With no expectations, Babs has been learning, growing and appreciating sailing in more ways than she imagined. She is on board for this whole season across the Indian Ocean and will flying back to New Zealand around September of this year to continue her journey. Babs is planning to hold an exhibition at the end of the year for her painting and photography artworks.



The true OG’s. Not original Gangsters, but Original Groupies. Aidan and Rhi had been following Delos for a few years and contacted us about sailing to the Philippines back when we were in Australia. Since then, they’ve become some of our closest friends, and sailed with Delos a bunch of times in the Philippines. They blast all versions and remixes of ‘Ramukanji’ in their car and were so generous in showing us a blast in the Philippines. We love you guys! Check out Aidan’s story here and Rhi writing about her diving experience here.



(AKA The Sailing Mum) Karins Mum, Marta has sailed with Delos three times now, first in the Philippines, the second time from Malaysia to Singapore and the third time to Cape Town. She absolutely loves the freedom that Delos brings and immersed herself even in the most difficult challenges on board with her full heart. She took every opportunity that was presented to her and made the most of her time on board. Marta has written some insightful and beautiful blogs about her time on Delos. Read “The Details of Delos” here and a favourite of ours “It’s All About Sailing” here. And her last blog about sailing around Cape of Good Hope here.


liam gabby sv delos

We met Liam and Gabby during the Malasimbo festival in the Philippines and straight away, there was an awesome vibe and a true connection. Liam and Gabby are pretty keen divers, so they joined the Delos crew for a few weeks for a diving trip out at Tubbataha reef in the Philippines.


ragnar sv delos

Karins Bro, Ragnar aka ‘tenderfoot’ normally spends his time in remote and often dangerous places while serving time in the Swedish Army. He’s come out to sail with Delos twice, once for a party bender in the Philippines and once for some ‘jungle time’ in Malaysian Borneo. It was awesome for Karin and Ragnar to travel on Delos together, almost learning about each other all over again. Its also amazing how fast he can down a beer, how many packs of 2 minute noodles he can eat and how he can get so angry when hitting his head on the boom. Click here to see Ragnar in action in one of our series videos from Borneo.


clare and jesse sv delos

These guys are true GC’s (if you know what this means, then you’re one too) and they contacted Delos back in 2014 to join the crew to gain some miles and experience in world cruising sailing.  Clare is a Nurse by trade and has a very adventurous spirit while Jesse is hands-on true Aussie bloke with an enthusiasm for all things cruising. During their free time, they sail their Hobie Cat, ‘Pink bits’ around the Gold Coast, Australia, and have a long-term goal to buy a cruising boat in the near future to sail around the world. Read about their experiences here and here.


michael gunkel sv delos

The Delos Drawing contest winners! Out of 100 ‘tickets’, these guys won to sail with Delos for 10 days in early 2015 around the beautiful islands and beaches of Thailand. They have been traveling on the road back in the States and have a long-term goal to live a nomadic lifestyle. Read about their life changing and humbling experience here.


mikael sv delos

One of Karins friends from Sweden, Michael joined Delos back in January 2014 in the Philippines where he jumped on board wearing a reindeer suit. He was actually “just passing by” for some “business” in the Philippines where he joined for a week or two. We think he was actually running from the Russian Mafia, something about a money transfer going wrong, either way, he was good fun and you can watch him in action here.


helena sv delos

Helena, also one of Karins good friends from Sweden, joined Delos about the same time as Michael in early 2014. She was on board for 3 weeks cruising around the Philippines where she really took initiative around the boat. She’s hands on, very humble and enjoys her ‘Fika’ (Swedish tea and biscuit time). Watch a video Helena features in here.


sv delos charlotte

Charlotte is one of Josjes best friends from home in New Zealand. She came out to join the crew for 2 weeks in the Philippines as a little treat to herself after she finished her Degree in late 2014.  Charlotte is a true kiwi gal, who loves to party, travel and enjoy life! Watch the video featuring Charlotte here.


sv delos ash

Originally from Australia, Ash joined the crew in October of 2014, while we were in Davao, Philippines and stayed on working in the crazy hot weather at the dock. He cruised around with us for a few months after that. Ash’s real gift is playing the guitar; you may have heard a few of his tunes in our videos. You would often see him with a book in one hand, cigarette in the other, and a guitar laying near by.  Watch some videos where Ash features here.


phoebe sv delos

Josje’s sister, Phoebe flew out and joined the crew while we were in Indonesia and sailed with us for 2 months up into the Philippines. Phoebe has the best heart and made the vibe on board loving and open. She has a wicked crazy voice and you may have noticed some of her songs we often use in our videos! While sailing with us, she sung at the most random places; island style rigged gig in the Raja Ampat Dive lodge, at the Governors mansion in Ternate, an Indonesian rap den and a yachtie style Halloween party in a back alley in the Philippines.  She also brought an amazing vibe of creativity to Delos videos with her artwork and sketches! You can read about one of Phoebes diving experiences here…. And you can hear more of Phoebes music by checking out her soundcloud.


sv delos nina

Nina met Delos way back in Tahiti in 2010 where she convinced them to come down to New Zealand for the off-season. Nina normally lives in New Zealand and works as an Event Manager. She’s come out and sailed with Delos a few times, once in the Whitsundays, Australia in 2011 and another time from Darwin, Australia to Indonesia. Watch that awesome passage video here.


sv delos andrew

Andrew joined us in Cairns, Australia back in 2013 for some cruising around the islands. One of Karin’s friends from University, he is a lover of Ray-Bans and a keen landscape architect. Watch a video from this period here.


sv delos paul

(AKA Daddy, Paulie, Princess) He’s tall, he’s blonde, he’s American. Brady and Paul went out for a blind date while in New Zealand back in 2011 because of a mutual friend back in the States and it was Bro-mance ever since. He joined Delos for the 8 month cruise in 2011 through Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. He brought such a great vibe to Delos and turned into a big salty seaman by the end. It was the time of hair braids, naked diving and cock thrusting in front of live volcanoes. We await his return… Read about Paul almost dying here.


svdelos darren

DAZZA! Darren is a Cracker Jack sailor originally from Australia. He sailed with Delos from New Zealand to Fiji back in 2011. Theres really three things you should know about Darren, he likes to get his dick out, eats tomato sauce with every meal and drinks rum like water. He’s now Captain of a charter catamaran based around the South Pacific.  Read one of Darren’s stories here.

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