Island Hopping In The Philippines!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 41

The crew leaves the marina in Davao and sails 350 miles north to the incredible destination of Could 9 on Siargao! We chill with the locals for a bit, hang out at the beach, then sail on to Bucas Grande for some amazing Island Hopping Pinoy Style!

Music In This Video
Onetox – Ramaukanji 00:01…

Savi Fernandez Band – Why Do We? 01:40

Huma-Huma – Satin Sugar 04:21
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Jason Farnham -Microchip 05:15
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Huma-Huma – Not Too Cray 06:29
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Kakapo – Just Breathe 08:57

Alidu Music – Zabli Zabli 11:28

Jingle Punks – Stoker 13:32
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Ash Ball – Badgers and Bears 15:12