Cockfights, Witchdoctors, and Waterfalls- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 43

The crew runs from a tropical storm and ends up in Bonbonon, Southern Negros, Philippines! Josje and Brady run out of money and leave Delos to restock their cruising kitty. Brian and Karin continue sailing to Siquijor where they find amazing waterfalls, see a real live cockfight, and drive into the mountains to locate a faith healer where Brian get’s his evil spirits removed by a local witch doctor.

Music in this video:
Onetox- Ramukanji 0:00

CDK- December Nights 02:30

Silent Artist- The Wrong Time 04:36
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Kakapo- Love Your Lady 06:20

AdmiralBob77- Two Guitars 08:23

Gunnar Olsen- Wandering 11:10
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Joe Bagale- Lude Illa 12:49
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Silent Artist- Accidents Will Happen 13:25
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Topher Mohr and Alex Elena- Behold The Sun 14:41
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Jingle Punks- Foreign Land 15:53
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Kadangyan- Kaluluwa 18:02…

Halcyon Drive- Thieves 22:09