Dynamite Fishing Caught On Film- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 48

Ragnar joins the Delos crew all the way from Sweden! He busts his head on the mizzen, and helps the crew to replace our dead batteries and repair our head. We then set sail along the Borneo coast to the Turtle Islands where we witness the disgusting act of a dynamite fisherman blowing up a reef we just dove. We visit the local village for some sweet drone flying action and make new friends!

Music Used In This Video:
Intro – Ramukanji by Onetox
1:15 – Adrift by Ash Ball
3:03 – Dub Cowboy by MK2
5:43 – Every Waking hour – Robin Grey
8:37 – Isma Roktar by Thiaz Itch
9:39 – Just Breathe by Kakapo (www.soundcloud.com/kakapo)
10:20 – Barton Springs by Bird Creek
10:52 – Progression Negative by CDK
12:52 – Voyeur by Jingle Punks
14:08 – Wishing Well by Bird Creek
17:24 – Opportunity by The Savi Fernandez Band (www.facebook.com/savifernandezband )
19:50 – Rockin’ and Rollin’ by The Savi Fernandez Band (www.facebook.com/savifernandezband )
22:46 – The Devil in me by Kakapo (www.soundcloud.com/kakapo)
Credits – White Wash by Halcyon Drive (https://www.facebook.com/halcyondrive)