Simplicity at sea–Day 4–By Josje

We sailed past an active volcano that we spotted on the charts in the early hours of the morning in hope of seeing some action. No luck, not even a red glow. It’s so incredibly dark without the moon.

The wind has switched more southerly and died down a bit. We’re still moving 4-5 knots but we’re rolling all over the show. Not the most comfortable sailing but hey, at least we’re moving in the right direction. We put the pole out on port in hope of gaining some speed.

Around 1 o’clock I go downstairs to make some lunch, I have a big appetite today so I make some tofu, broccoli stir fry and decide to throw in the rest of the tuna we caught. Satisfied.

It’s slow and steady all afternoon, but its okay, we’re in no rush. The sun is hot and we put on some music and relax. I read for most of the day under the shade of my straw hat. When the heat got too unbearable, we took a much needed fresh water rinse outside, there was even soap involved. So refreshing and feeling revived, Brady even gave his new diving board a go.

Delos is still moving at 4-5 knots with light breeze and hardly any swell now. Things are simple out here, I really enjoy it. Everywhere you look nothing but the dark blue ocean as far as the eye can see, met at the horizon by light blue sky, plotted with clouds all the way back to you and across into the other direction. Nothing is of concern other than sailing the boat. There is so much time and space to think, enjoy, and feel.

Another enjoyable evening of sushi and sundowners.