Simplicity at sea–Day 5–By Josje

I wake for my watch at 6am. With only the main out, we’ve slowed right down to make landfall by sunrise. We are really close. Butterflies flutter in my belly with happiness.

As the sky gradually lightens into misty grays and light blue, I spot two islands rise from the sea, we have arrived in Banda, once the center of the Spice Islands trading. Christopher Columbus actually ran into America in search of these islands. Too bad he didn’t have GPS.

Outlines of dense forest and palm trees clutter the outline of the rugged shaped land and a huge smoky hole carved into the top of the larger volcanic island, Gunung Api, opens up into the sky.

A small bird flutters by the boat and plays in the wind, then is gone again.

I wake up Brian and we slowly make our way into the anchorage. We spot a few fishing canoes and some other sail boats.

What a strange but very exciting feeling to be here. Nostalgic almost but it feels good. Delos is back where she belongs. In the islands, amidst culture, adventure and crystal clear waters. But what a different culture this will be from the south pacific. So much history, so many islands. We’re ready to go exploring…

Here’s some pictures of the rest of the afternoon, our first day in Indonesia…