Bikini Sailing Adventures Through Indonesia- By Nina

Three years ago I met Brian, Brady and Erin, while sailing in Tonga.  My crew and I had hired a Sunsail Cat for 10 days, and had run out of water (long showers by the gals). Brian came to the rescue with water from Delos’ water maker.  And, I encouraged the crew to sail via Kiwi land, instead of straight to Aussie.

A few months later the crew arrived in NZ and we enjoyed the Kiwi summer.  Including a sail to Great Barrier Island, where we ate crayfish and scallops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A few more adventures included a sail with the Delos crew in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  And frequent business trips to Melbourne, to catch up with the crew for city debauchery.


Now, here I am with the Delos crew in Indonesia.  After 3 days of sailing from Darwin we reached Banda.  The Spice island people were very friendly, and every person we walked past waved and said “Halo Mister” or “Halo Bro”.  We climbed an active volcano, went on a spice tour (that included a scooter ride from the local village teenagers), dived, and made friends with the locals.

Now, after checking into customs in Ambon (a crazy Asian city) we are sailing to Raja Ampat for some amazing diving action.


IMG_0013 (2)IMG_0013