South Pacific

Tools of the Trade- By Brian

If I had $1 for every time I’ve been asked “So, do you carry guns?”, let’s just say I wouldn’t need to work when we arrive on Australian shores. Seriously, I’ve been asked this question a lot over the past years. And never, ever did the relevance sink in until recently. View More

Pirate Watch Quiz- By Paul

Hello Delos world. Today its time to find out what type of harbor night watchman you’d be. You’re in the Solomon Islands, a South Pacific country known for its unruly pirate behavior View More

Meet Mem0-By Brady

Doing great, pirate, stay the course! 🙂  Hello, my name is Mem0….I’m a Clown fish and I live in a sea anemone.  No, I am not related to Nemo who became famous over some stupid movie filmed on the Great Barrier Reef, about 700 miles away. View More

Is it really October?!?!? By Brian

I totally agree with you! We’ve been blog slackers for the past month as we traveled through Banks, Torres, and Santa Cruz islands. Sometimes you wake up and realize that a month has flown by. We did take lot’s of pics though….. View More

Into The Rabbit Hole- By Brian

He sits about 10 feet above you, perched on a steel beam.  His legs are crossed, each knee perfectly aligned with the other.  His arms cross his chest and he’s leaning slightly backward .  He’s the epitome of relaxation, comfort, and balance. View More

Vanuatu, Tenk yu tumas! by Josje

Nambawan! All of a sudden we are sailing away from Vanuatu and heading north towards the Solomons. Woah crazy! Pull up the anchor and it hits us all at the same time… We’re leaving Vanuatu. How did this moment creep up on us? View More

Meet Josje

Please be alarmed!!!! I have been kidnapped onto a boat named Delos. Who are these American sailors? I woke up one morning after a 2 week party binge, and I was sailing off into the direction of Vanuatu. View More

Hello from Tanna Vanuatu!

We’ve been in Vanuatu waters for almost a week now. The sail was incredibly smooth and peaceful, one of those passages that you really don’t want to end. Just endless sunny days of drifting along on huge, rolling swells. View More

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