Vanuatu, Tenk yu tumas! by Josje

Nambawan! All of a sudden we are sailing away from Vanuatu and heading north towards the Solomons. Woah crazy! Pull up the anchor and it hits us all at the same time… We’re leaving Vanuatu. How did this moment creep up on us? Pop open the champagne! Smiles and goodbye Vanuatu speeches are made while we sunbathe partly naked on the back deck of Delos. Thank you Vanuatu! Cheers to volcanoes, prophets, ganja and nambas. And thank you crystal clear waters for taking such good care of Delos as we sailed through the beautiful reefs that connect these amazing, diverse islands. I smile and embrace the past 9 weeks we spent sailing and exploring Vanuatu. Truly an amazing place which will be in our minds, body and soul for the rest of our lives. Vanuatu even gave us a little goodbye present as we sailed away. We caught a yellow fin tuna which we proceeded to cook straight away. Can’t get much fresher than that! Forks in hand, we share the catch and some rice from a big dish. Nothing better than island style… Vanuatu, you taught us well.