From Internet Friend To Delos Crew- By Aidan

“10. Tubbataha Reef: This is the undisputed king spot for diving, comparable to Malaysia’s Sipadan, but enormous. It’s an atoll way off in the Sulu sea and everyone without fail that I know that has been there has had nothing but ridiculous things to say that border on impossible. View More

Delos Needs Crew! – SOLD OUT!

Drawing Sold Out!!!!

Become part of the Delos Crew for 10 days!  If you’re wondering what it’s like to cruise around the world this is your chance.  You’ll be part of the experience and have the adventure of a lifetime! View More

Time on Delos- By Jesse

Time is an interesting thing. I remember being a young boy watching the clock when 1 hour seemed like an eternity. When driving up the coast to Brisbane was a marathon and the summer school holidays seemed to go on forever. I now look back on the past year and it has happened in the blink of an eye. View More