Pacific Ocean

Provisioning in San Diego- By Brian

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in San Diego. The temp is in the 70’s and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. For the past 4 nights we’ve enjoyed the hospitality of the San Diego Yacht Club located on Shelter Island. View More

Long Beach- Island White By Brian

It’s 6:30 PM and the sun has just about disappeared behind the horizon. Erin’s cooking a Pizza for dinner and Mishka is fast asleep on the aft cabin bed, after napping most of the day on the pass-through berth that has become her daily spot of choice. View More

Catalina Island By Brian

Catalina Island is known as a divers and hikers paradise (which is why it’s such a popular destination!) The water is warmer than the other Channel Islands and the visibility can exceed 50 feet on good days. View More

Rugged California — posted by Erin

It has been interesting to see my home state, California, from a new perspective over the past few weeks. The Southern California that I grew up in was known for its high standard of backyard living, with BBQs and pool parties every other weekend. It might be crowded, hot and sprawling, but it’s also sophisticated and relatively sheltered from harm (as long as you didn’t mind the occasional earthquake). View More

Weathering in Ventura

Tonight is our third night in Ventura Isle Marina. We hadn’t planned on stopping here but we’re finding that there’s a fine line between plans and what actually transpires while cruising. Ventura is about 30 miles east of Santa Cruz Island where we spent the last 4 nights. View More

Rounding Pt. Conception

We’re just a few minutes away from rounding Pt. Conception. Our ETA for rounding is 1:20 AM. This is a notorious point along the California coast dubbed by numerous sailors as “The Cape Horn of the Pacific”. View More

Next stop: Southern California — posted by Erin

Before Brian and I embarked on this trip, we used to dream about what the cruising life might entail — we pictured long, restful days of lounging in the sun and doing whatever we pleased. I thought it might be similar to retired life… Only with later mornings, later nights, and no golf. View More

Monterey to San Simeon By Brian

After a busy week in Monterey getting our PADI dive certifications we decided it was time to head further South. Our next stop was Pebble Beach about 25 miles down the coast. Since the trip was short we left after a leisure morning and lunch. View More

Will work for sea lions By Erin

The morning that we arrived in Monterey Bay, the sky opened up. The stars and moon appeared to be just feet above the mast — I was tempted to throw a rope around the dazzling crescent and pull it onto the boat. View More

Beating to Monterey By Brian

We woke up yesterday morning to clear skies and no fog! The forecast wasn’t ideal- light and variable winds out of the South (direction of our travel) but we decided it was time to say goodbye to Half Moon Bay and head further south to Monterey which is around 70 miles away. View More

Fogged In — posted by Erin

We’re anchored in the flat, calm waters of Half Moon Bay, about 20 miles south of San Francisco bay. We’d planned to spend only one night here — last night — but the thought of navigating the foggy coastline for miles is less than enticing. View More