Back to Barra By Brian

After much deliberation Erin and I decided to depart Mexico from Puerto Vallarta instead of our beloved Gold Coast. It will make the logistics of provisioning, boat projects, and crew arrivals just a little bit easier. This is also the main jumping off point for most other boats South Pacific bound including our friends on Capaz and Totem.



Cheering for Norway in the Olympic Men’s Cross Country

Before heading back north we wanted a few more days in Barra de Navidad so on Tuesday morning we took our last swim in beautiful Tenacatita bay, hoisted the anchor, and set out for Melaque just a few miles South. After rounding Roca Central we pointed the bow west to clear the bay, hoisted sail, and set the trolling lines. Under a clear, cloudless sky we trimmed Delos for a close hauled course just clearing the rocks at the southern tip of the bay. It was beautiful sailing as we rounded the point and headed to a more southern course, easing the sails as we went. DSCN7564 DSCN7548

A few seconds after our course change we noticed four dolphins off our stern gaining rapidly as they caught air between waves. They were racing to the beam of Delos, then circling back to the stern and repeating this pattern. Within 30 seconds I saw our port side trolling line go tight and yelled to Erin “FISH ON!” The last time we hooked a fish was back in December on our trip from Puerta Vallarta. We were a bit unprepared and scrambled to grab the gaff hook and vodka. We typically pour a few shots of cheap, rot gut Vodka directly into the gills which usually kills the fish immediately, but if not we can be assured that it will feel no pain. It was only a Jack Kravol but we decided to keep it anyway since it had been so long. I see some fish jerky in our future. We’re pretty sure the dolphins had something to do with our catch. Our guess is they were using Delos and the lures to corral a school together and we were the lucky beneficiaries.CIMG5946

After a day exploring Melaque and an Asian food inspired shopping spree at the super Hawaii market we made the short 30 minute trip into the tranquil Barra de Navidad lagoon. As we entered the breakwater channel we spotted all our old haunts from the previous month on the Barra beach front. It felt like coming home after our Tenacatita vacation.

IMG_1061 IMG_1080

Delos at anchor off the rocky headland near Melaque

Petter and Octavia on Bella Marina met up with us in Tenacatita after returning from their trip to Europe, ready to enjoy some of the local Barra flavor we’ve talked about so much. We’ll settle into our old routine for a few days of French Baker, fast internet, live music, and excellent food. Most importantly we’ll relish the completely flat and swell free anchorage for a few restful nights before beating into the seas and wind for our trip north.