Pacific Ocean

ITCZ, by Erin

You hear all the time that any goal worth pursuing is fraught with challenges and setbacks. It’s your character that determines whether or not you’ll achieve what you set out to do, not the circumstances you find yourself in. View More

Fish On! By Brian

It looks like our fishing technique is improving, slowly but surely. I’ve recently bought the new Penn Battle ii reel and I think that might be helping! Yesterday afternoon we reeled in 3 Mahi-Mahi. One was a keeper at 20″. Not huge but enough for a meal for us all. To be honest, I have been reading a lot of articles containing fishing tips on websites like so I am not surprised that my technique has got better. Improving your fishing technique is all about learning new skills and putting them into practice after all. View More

Seahab, by Erin

It’s a funny thing sailing our home across the Pacific Ocean. Inside the boat everything looks and feels more or less the same: meals get cooked, dishes get washed, laundry is cleaned and then dirtied and cleaned again. View More

We arrived- on the moon!

We arrived at Isla San Benedicto in the Socorro Island Group early this afternoon. We made great time covering the entire 330 mile passage in just under 48 hours, without motoring at all. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather. View More

On our way

We untied from the dock in La Cruz at 4:56 p.m. yesterday, March 27. We had a great send-off from the gang. Brad and PJ and the crew of Totem even showed up to blow the airhorn and wave goodbye from the breakwater. It was a great way to say goodbye to Mexico. View More

THROWBACK! Delos Video Tour By Brady

Delos is a 53’ Amel Super Maramu 2000.  She is a ketch rigged (2 mast) sailboat built in La Rochelle, France.  Delos is a medium displacement boat for her size weighing in at about 20 tons (40,000 lbs) and is built as a solid cruiser capable of crossing oceans.  View More

Provisioning 101

For the moment Delos is tied to the dock at the La Cruz marina, about 25KM from Puerto Vallarta. We decided to treat ourselves to a stay in the marina with unlimited power,internet, and easy access to the bus routes that are so crucial to us right now.

View More

Back in La Cruz

We dropped the hook in La Cruz at 5:00AM after 20 hours underway. Waiting for the right weather window really paid off. Instead of beating into 30 knots right on the nose we sailed the first few hours with our spinnaker up and then motored around Cabo Corrientes under light conditions. View More

Underway to La Cruz

After spending four days waiting for a weather window to round Cabo Corrientes we are finally northbound! We departed Tenacatita at 8:00AM and after an overnight passage should arrive tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning. View More

Adios Barra de Navidad By Brian

Barra was the southern terminus of our cruise in Mexico and it’s time to head back north to Puerta Vallarta. We did have grand plans, or should I say “intentions”, to head all the way down to Costa Rica before making our Pacific crossing.  View More

Back to Barra By Brian

After much deliberation Erin and I decided to depart Mexico from Puerto Vallarta instead of our beloved Gold Coast. It will make the logistics of provisioning, boat projects, and crew arrivals just a little bit easier. View More

Summer Camp in Tenacatita By Brian

9:00AM, any day of the week, VHF channel 22:

“GOOD MORNING! Welcome to the Gold Coast Cruisers’ Net serving Tenacatita, Barra de Navidad, and Manzanillo.  This is Hermi on the sailing vessel Iwa.  It’s Wednesday, no Tuesday….  Actually—sorry!—I lost track.  I’m pretty sure it’s February.  Does anyone know what day it is?  View More

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