On our way

We untied from the dock in La Cruz at 4:56 p.m. yesterday, March 27. We had a great send-off from the gang. Brad and PJ and the crew of Totem even showed up to blow the airhorn and wave goodbye from the breakwater. It was a great way to say goodbye to Mexico.

We’re making good speed toward the Socorro island group, averaging 7.5 knots. Typically, boats heading to the trade winds have to motor through this area for hundreds of miles. We haven’t seen less than 15 knots of wind.

We’re currently about 140 miles from our first anchorage, where we’ve heard we can swim with Manta Rays. Should be fun.

We’re taking video and pictures of the trip, but we won’t be able to update any of that to the blog until we arrive in French Polynesia and find Internet access. We’ll be updating our position daily, though, and will write blog entries.

It feels good to be out here, sailing. It was a hectic few weeks in La Cruz trying to get everything finished. Now we can just sit back and let the wind and the boat do all of the work. To pass the time today, Brady and I put a message in a bottle and threw it into the ocean… We’ll see if we ever get an e-mail from the person who finds it.

Tonight the moon is nearly full, the stars are bright in the sky, and the wind is pushing us along at 7 knots. It’s hard to beat this.