South Pacific

Beveridge Reef, by Brian

On our third day in Beveridge reef the weather keeping us pinned inside finally broke, dropping from a blustery 30 knots to a tranquil 15.  With a good outlook for the next few days we decided to launch the dinghy and do some exploring. View More

Palmerston Atoll, by Erin

The sun warmed our backs as we sailed around the north side of Palmerston atoll. It had been 36 hours since we began the 200-mile passage from Aitutaki to Palmerston, the easternmost of the Southern Cook Islands. View More

Heiva in Bora Bora by Brian

Heiva is a month long Tahitian celebration with old pagan roots marking the southern hemisphere solstice.  Unfortunately in the 1820’s Protestant Missionaries banned dancing on the islands.  View More

We’re cookin’ in the Cooks

We made it to Aitutaki! After a great sail lasting 4 nights and 3 days, we’ve arrived at our first stop in the Cook Islands. It’s gorgeous here — a beautiful blue lagoon surrounds a low lying mountain range, the tallest peak reaches just 124 meters. View More

The Curse of the Mahi

Paul Simon may have 50 ways to leave your lover, but Delos has 50 ways to loose a Mahi.  In fact we haven’t landed one of the delicious treats since crossing the equator over 3 months ago.  View More

Au Revoir French Polynesia – by Erin

After three months in French Polynesia, it’s time to say goodbye. When we arrived in Hiva Oa on April 21, we weren’t sure what to expect: we were all a bit overwhelmed by the anticipation of being in such a remote and foreign environment. View More

South Pacific Blues by Octavia

After spending three amazing weeks cruising the Society Islands in French Polynesia aboard Delos, I am at a loss for words to describe all the beautiful shades of blue of the South Pacific. I think I need at least three languages to name them! View More

A Gang of Stalkers on Moorea by Brady

We loved Moorea so much after we went there for the yacht rally we decided to go back for another visit.  Our friends, Kat and Brad, who sailed with us the first time, also wanted to see Moorea again but this time on their own boat, Ghost.  View More

Tahiti to Moorea Yacht Rally by Brian

We’re not normally fans of organized cruising events, or things with fixed dates and timelines in general.  We decided to make an exception to join the Tahiti to Moorea rally though, mostly because we heard the free t-shirts were really cool. View More