South Pacific

The Waiting Game- By Brian

The weather finally broke yesterday allowing us to launch the dinghy and venture ashore.  Five  days of 30-35 knot winds and nonstop rain had taken it’s toll but we held up well and avoided cabin fever by keeping ourselves occupied.  View More

Day 3 – Tonga to New Zealand

Still making good speed to New Zealand. Erin was pretty seasick for the first few days but is feeling better. She left with bronchitis and thinks it might have screwed up her equilibrium. We’re all getting plenty of sleep on this passage, so we’re well rested. View More

Day 1- Tonga to New Zealand

With a good weather window we spent our last Paanga on cheeseburgers and cokes at Big Mamma’s yacht club and set off from Nuka’Alofa. The skies were sunny with 20 knots of breeze. As we got out of the lee of Tonga’Tapu the breeze built through the day until we were seeing 25-30 knots with gusts into the low 30’s. View More

We’re in New Zealand!

Oh, it feels good to arrive. We sailed into the Bay of Islands this morning, around 9 a.m., and got to the customs dock shortly after. The check-in process was hassle free and we only had to part with our fresh veggies and non-New Zealand meat – we got to keep all of our dairy and noodles and spices. View More

Adventures in Niue, by Brian

Niue is unlike any other South Pacific island we’ve visited.  60 foot limestone cliffs replace beaches, underground caverns replace a mountainous interior, and the dinghy dock is a huge electric crane you get to operate yourself (very cool).  View More