South Pacific

Fulaga, Fiji: The real deal- By Brady

“What has been your favorite place?”  This question is by far the most common we get from people and also the hardest to answer.  The island of Fulaga (pronounced Fulanga) in the Lau group of Fiji may be the answer from now on. View More

Wananavu Kadavu

Isn’t it ironic that in a place world-famous for its bottled spring water the local villages often lack a dependable, clean water supply? Fiji bottled water is shipped all over the world at great expense and sold at a great profit while the village taps often run dry. View More

On Any Given Sunday, Totoya

“Are you coming to church with us tomorrow?”  Of course we are Timothy!  We’re really interested in seeing the service.  “OK, the first service is at 5AM and lasts until 6AM.  At 6AM we start cooking all the days meals in the underground oven.  View More

Navesi Village, Totoya Part Deux

“Do you want to come spear fishing with us tomorrow?”  Timothy asked.  Of course we do Timothy, sounds like fun.  “Ok then.  Tomorrow morning we will pick you up in our fiber and we’ll dive in the pass.”  Sounds like a plan.  See you tomorrow. View More

The Road to Fulaga

When the Minister of Lau Affairs asked me where we wanted to go I told him I didn’t know, and that I would appreciate him recommending an island that was out of the way and very remote with a calm, safe lagoon to anchor Delos.  View More

Kadavu Island of Kava

Since leaving Suva we’ve been island hopping on our way to the Lau group making short 20-30 mile days.  It’s not the most direct route but we’re exploring and in no hurry.  View More

Lau Group or Bust- By Brian

“Don’t land in Suva, it’s dirty, unsafe, and a hassle to get officials to check you in.  Plus it rains constantly and the anchorage smells like garbage.”  Is what a grizzled old cruiser told us in Auckland.  View More

Good Morning, Fiji… By Brady

Good Morning, Fiji..

Its 11 p.m. and we are 120 miles out from Suva, Fiji. I’m on watch and will wake Darren up for his watch at midnight. The night is really beautiful. The moon and stars are out, the swell is small and we have a nice 17 knots of breeze out of the NE pushing us along at 7.5 knots.. View More

Day 6- New Zealand to Fiji

Today was by far one of the most defeating days I’ve had sailing. It started out good enough as we were able to sail through the night and made lots of ground up from our course correction yesterday. View More