Indian Ocean

Balance and Bliss through Yoga in Nature- By Carmen

Don´t be fooled by social media, you don’t need a yoga mat, blocks, or even a cute crop top and yoga pants. There is nothing wrong with indoor yoga studios and all the yoga gadgets, but you cannot experience the elements in an air conditioned studio or the comfort of your bedroom.

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Eating on Delos- By Carmen

Part 1 (South Africa: Before the Passage)

Many people envision the cuisine on a boat as not much more than eating cold baked beans out of the can and rationing out water and moldy pieces of bread.

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Jumping ships – By Camilla

For as long as I can remember, traveling and cruising has been a constant background to everything that has happened in my life. I grew up in Sweden, hearing my parents dream of their next sailing adventure, and seeing the hard work they put in to make it come true. View More