Indian Ocean

Naked at Sea – By Frida

Hello darling friends!

It’s been an intense time with new impressions adapting to a life at sea. First arriving on Delos; straight into work mode doing the Haul out, welcoming the rest of the crew and provisioning part one in Langkawi. View More

A Taste Of Delos- By Babs

How did I score a part of this adventure with The Delos Crew you might ask?  WELL.. it all started when I was backpacking in South America.  I had noticed The Delos crew put a lucky draw to be a part of their crew for 10 days. How exciting!  View More

What do you know about sailing? -By Max

Well, to be honest I didn’t know much at all before I arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia, to meet up with the Delos crew who at that point was Brian and Karin. Me and my girlfriend Frida were probably as blank as a page can be when it comes to boats and sailing. View More

In the Light Of Brady – By Frida

In the morning you see him with a cup of water sitting up on deck staring out at the open sea. Sometimes up at the bow meditating, with his headphones in. In a good anchorage he takes the paddleboard out for a ride to explore our new home and he can be away for hours. View More

Adventure to Delos, Part 1- By Michael Gunkel

How did I get to crew on Delos?

So….. I guess it all started one glum morning, where I was feeling a little down. Looking back it started like any other morning, except for one disappointing difference. It was one of those “woke up on the wrong side of the bed “mornings. View More

Rama Bound – By Josje

~ This blog is intended to explain some of the reasons behind my decision to transition from the ocean to the land. To transition from Delos to New Zealand to simultaneously harmonize land based editing for Delos and to continue on my own path with Ramatree ~
View More

Required Reading On Delos- By Brian

There have been many books along this amazing journey.

Some I read before sailing, and some while out here. I’ve gotten something from the list below and hope that by sharing it you will as well. I really hope you enjoy this list and please feel free to comment with your favs as well. View More

Cape of Good Hope – By Märta

It’s time to make a turn. A turn for good hope.

Once again I am back as “The Sailing Mum” on Delos and have the fantastic opportunity to be a part of her great crew. This time we are going to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. View More

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