Moonshiners! By Brian

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not absolute lushes but Delos does enjoy our daily sundowner, or two, or three… We were provisioning in Cairns to take us to Darwin, a trip of about a month in length and did the calculation. Alcohol here in Australia is stupidly expensive. View More

Goodbye Queensland! By Brian

We left Cape York and Queensland behind and are right smack in the middle of the Gulf of Carpentaria!  It’s a 350 mile crossing and we hope to make landfall in Gove, Northern Territory tomorrow afternoon.  View More

Meet Maggie… by Brady

We have some big news; Delos has a new addition in the family!  I know what your thinking and NO! Nobody is pregnant! Meet Maggie.  She weighs 75 kg, is beautiful and shiny, and laughs at the thought of carrying 10 people or the sight of a rocky beach…  We just got new dinghy! View More

Starting Where We Left Off- By Josje

Its really nice to start a new adventure in the same place where we left our last one… A year and a half ago, we ended our south pacific journey in the backpacker city of Cairns, Australia. It was the finish line after a pretty epic adventure. View More

We’ve Gone Social!

Apparently there’s this thing out there called The Facebook and The Twitter and it seems to be catching on. We’ve given into social anti-social pressure and created a new position called “Social Media Deck Hand” AKA JosjeRama. View More

It’s Good To Be Home

When we pulled Delos into the Bundaberg Port Marina last February there was a lot of uncertainty in my life. I honestly had no idea if this would be our last adventure together, or if by some lucky stroke of the stars I’d be allowed to continue on. View More

Delos where have you gone? by Brian

Wow, if you asked me where I’d be living 4 years ago I’d never, ever have guessed Melbourne (pronounced Melbin’). But yet here I am living on the South coast in the Land Down Under. I’m only 300 miles from Tasmania! Life’s strange like that. View More

Hamilton Island Daze- By Brian

As I sit here writing this it’s been just over 9 months since we cast off the dock lines in New Zealand and headed back to the islands. 9 Months! It seems like just a few weeks ago we set sail for Fiji. View More

Delos Down Unda- By Brian

We left Ghizo, Solomon Islands with a forecast for light and variable winds and were prepared to motor for a day or so looking for breeze.  Fortunately the passage gods smiled and gave us 5-10 knots right out of the reef.  View More

G’Day Mate! – By Brady

Delos is currently 640 miles from Cairns, Australia! She is sailing at an impressive 7.5 knots with 17 knots of breeze on the beam. At this rate we should make landfall sometime on Monday! View More

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