G’Day Mate! – By Brady

Delos is currently 640 miles from Cairns, Australia! She is sailing at an impressive 7.5 knots with 17 knots of breeze on the beam. At this rate we should make landfall sometime on Monday! We said farewell to the Solomon Islands yesterday morning and the islands gave us one last parting gift, a 4 foot Kingfish. The meat is white and delicious, similar to a Wahoo so we are stoked. The sailing has been perfect so far. Beautiful blue skies that fade into a bright moon, little swell and steady wind. We are 3 degrees further south then our most northern point in the Solomons and can feel them temperature slightly dropping. It is a welcome relief from the average temperature we saw of 100+ F. The vibe on Delos is bitter-sweet. We are all so ready to be in civilization but sad to leave our private paradise behind.

The past 6 months have a been a blur filled with: Crying children because we were the first white people they had ever seen, partying too hard with European backpackers, climbing live volcanoes, hanging out with cults, being adopted by a local tribe (of which Brian is the honorary chief), drinking the strongest kava known to man, diving some of the best dive sites in the world, WWII history, thieves, days so damn hot you can’t move, and too many fish to count. Thanks to everyone we met along the way, see you next time…

Australia is a huge milestone for Delos. It has been almost 2 years and 10,000 miles since I hopped aboard in Mexico. Originally I was only supposed to be on for a month or so. As you can see that didn’t happen at all. The great times have flown by and i’m finding it hard to wrap my head around actually being in Oz. This is where I have wanted to live since I was 7 and now it has seemed to all fall into place. I’m sure it will all sink in when we step ashore on the land of bloomin’ onions, Fosters, baby eating dingos, and boxing kangaroos. Below are some of the things we have been talking about the past 6 months that we can’t wait to enjoy. I’m sure most of you take these things for granted…

1. Eat at McDonalds and every other greasy, unhealthy fast food joint we can. If only they had a Taco Bell and Papa Johns.
2. Buy and eat an avacado
3. Drink the hell out of REAL juice and REAL Milk. No more of this powder shit, although if you take a spoon full of powder milk and a spoon full of sugar it becomes a hell of a party in your mouth.
4. Speak english with other white people. No thats not a racist comment..
5. Eat the biggest plate of Nachos we can find.
6. Rent a hotel room so we can take 3 hour showers and not worry about running out of water.
7. Go to a supermarket, not to buy things but to wander around and look at the selection.
8. Go to a movie theater and get sick off of cold coke and buttery pop-corn.
9. White women, No thats not racist either…
10. Fast, free, unlimited Wi-Fi….