North Atlantic Ocean

THE BOAT IS OURS! MUAHAHA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 240

After 10 years and 70,000 nautical miles of sailing it’s time for the next chapter… Brian and Karin fly off to sweden to begin the journey of becoming parents while Brady and Blue make plans to Sail Delos across the North Atlantic. We have mixed emotions about the challenges ahead of us and introduce you to our NEW crew, including our DELOS SCHOLARSHIP WINNER! Of course, there are still a ton of things on the to-do list! View More

Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean!? Capt. Brady at the helm! EP 241

**Delos BEER KOOZIES now available!**
After a month at the dock we are ready to do a BIG provision run and check the last items off the to-do list. When then cast the lines and head off into the Atlantic Ocean, next stop Bermuda!

BIG THANKS to JIM for letting us take over his house and dock!!

Download our provision spreadsheet here – View More

SLOW TV – 6.5 HOURS! Florida Canals, SQUALLS and sailing the ATLANTIC OCEAN!

This weeks SLOW TV is truly something special for the Tribe! We hit record on the @gopros just before casting the line to begin our ATLANTIC CROSSING! The first hour or so shows Delos slipping through the Canals of Pompano Beach, just chomping at the bit to make it to the open ocean! We managed to keep this Slow TV recording for almost 7 HOURS and capture a massive squall rolling off the coast and over Delos. We have a lot of fun making these and hope you enjoy putting them on in the background of your work day, chill day, or family time. Much love tribe! View More

LOOK what you’re MISSING OUTSIDE! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 242


Squall after squall roll over Delos as we head off the coast of Florida, but despite the windless holes they leave us in- we’re still able to travel 5 knots over ground thanks to the Gulf Stream!! The crew adjusts to life at sea, Ruben struggles with his seasickness, we have to act fast to drop the Gennekar from a sneaky squall, and things start to HEAT UP between Sean and Chia! Often our episodes cover a span of a few days or even a few weeks, but this episode reflects about 24 hours of life of Delos at sea! We hope the good energy on board at this time emulates through the screen, so enjoy Tribe! Much love, BB and crew! View More

46 knot SQUALL in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 243

Brady definitely earns some Captain points in this episode! The furler on the Genoa gives out in the dead of the night, right in the middle of a rainy squall which is gusting up to 46 knots!! The squall damages our wind sensor and we have to sail old school through the night by looking at the flags. After getting everything back in working order, we get a little weather lesson from Sean and the crew explores what they miss most while at sea! It can be hard to capture intense sailing moments on Delos at times when it’s all hands on deck, but it was awesome to have Ruben aboard to help capture this experience in detail. We hope you guys feel like you were right there with us! Much love, BB and crew!

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This is our story, a story of four souls sailing around the world. It is a story about sailing and travel and adventure. But it’s also a story about meeting amazing people and making life long friends. It’s a story of people living their lives in an alternate way, in close connection with the beautiful people and amazing planet that we call home. Our experience has affected us so profoundly we want to share it, hoping that others may find inspiration to follow their dreams and do what they love.

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Lightning Storms & Naked swims! Bermuda Triangle! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 244

The Bermuda Triangle in infamous for its unexpected storms and unexplained effects on boats… Delos seemed to hold up fine, but her crew start to go a bit wacky in this episode!! Ruben writes some shanties, Blue tries to communicate with sea birds, Sean & Chia think they are in a rap music video and Captain Brady wonders if the world has ended after his buddy Elon Musk doesn’t answer a sat phone call. We also experience a GNARLY lightning storm and celebrate Blue’s 30th birthday with a naked swim in our Birthday Suits in 5,000 meters of water! This episode truly shows how whacky things can get when you put five people on a boat and send them out to sea for a week. We hope you laugh as much watching it as we did filming and editing it! Much love, BB and crew! View More

BERMUDA after 7 days at SEA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 245

After 7 days at Sea we sail into the beautiful waters of BERMUDA!!! We knew so very little about this place before arriving, but instantly fell in love with it’s cool history & friendly people! After being greeted by our “official Bermudian welcoming party”, we take advantage of land life with skateboarding, bridge jumping, and Dark N’ Stormy drinkin’. A member of the tribe invites us to explore the luxury resort where he works, and even gives us a golf cart to play with which gives us access to an epic sunset spot to test Brady’s new DRONE CATCHER! Lot’s of excitement & good vibes in this one, hope you enjoy! Much love, BB & crew! View More

We sailed into a SWIMMING POOL! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.246

After 3 busy days in Bermuda we decide to move Delos to one of the most beautiful anchorages we have seen! It seriously felt like we sailed into a swimming pool! After settling into our new neighborhood we celebrate Ruben becoming a man (turning 20), head to some magical caves and becoming even closer as a family and crew! Much Love from us! BB and Crew! View More

LOVE BOAT strikes AGAIN! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 247

LOVE IS IN THE AIR ON DELOS! For those of who you saw it coming miles away like we did, it may not be a big surprise to you that Sean and Chia officially have something special between them!! A boat acts like a pressure cooker to a relationship, it truly heats things up REAL quick! As the new couple tries to play it cool, the crew has fun secretly filming their budding relationship. We also set sail from Bermuda to The Azores in this episode, have a block break on our downwind pole, and Ruben shares how crossing an ocean has already changed the way he wants to live his life! Much love, BB and crew! View More

Life on the OPEN OCEAN! What’s it really like? Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 248

Ever wondered what a typical day on a two week open ocean passage is like? It varies depending on the boat, the crew and the ocean but there is definitely a couple common themes that weave their way into all of our long distance sails. Having the chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature is a highlight, as well as spending our days exactly as we’d like whether it’s snoozing , reading, or fishing. And of course, we all love those days when conditions pick up a bit and allow Delos to shine with some badass sailing 😁 We had fun filming this episode from the first person point of view & hope you guys enjoy the switch up! Much love, B&B View More

Deadly Jellyfish, Hidden Caves, Zodiac Adventures- Welcome to the AZORES! SV Delos Ep.250

We sailed to Jurassic Park! Well, it certainly felt like it as we began to explore our first stop in the Azores- Flores Island. Our new friend Felipe offers to take us ALL the way around the island in his Zodiac where we find massive caves, thousands of deadly jellyfish and the Westernmost point of Europe! After, we hop in a car and venture inland where we experience mother nature doing some of her finest work! It was unreal to experience all of this the first time around, but being able to go back through to footage and be blown away all over again by the beauty of Flores put a huge smile on our face 😀 We hope you feel the same! Much love tribe- Brady, Blue & CREW!

This is made possible by YOU! So thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are sending us! It means a lot! Much Love, Karin, Brian, Brady & Blue!

SV Delos – Watch the official Ramukanji (remix) lyric video! – Download/Stream Ramukanji (remix) here!

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Dream Anchorage! Raw, rugged and alone… Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.251

The North Atlantic can be quite the beast at times, and when in the Azores you must always check the constantly changing weather. In today’s episode, we jumped at a golden weather window to take Delos to a very special anchorage we had been eyeing. We tucked back into this stunning place with a stern tie and enjoyed an unforgettable few days diving and exploring the coastal caves. We soon got chased back to the harbor due to heavier weather, which meant perfect conditions for a surf mission! This anchorage will always stand out in our memories, what’s an anchorage that will always stand out to you!? View More

Hurricane Lorenzo aftermath…. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.252

The Azores have a long standing tradition of sailors painting their boat names on the jetty walls before setting out to sea, and in this episode we take that tradition to heart! Little did we know the majority of the MASSIVE concrete pier would soon be smashed by Hurricane Lorenzo and have a very serious effect on the island. It was a hard place for us to leave, but after wrapping up our final Canyoning mission it was time to make the overnight sail to FAIAL and have a new set of adventures begin! View More

Diving with BLUE SHARKS in the Azores! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.253

Would you rather dive with sharks or gallop on a horse when you don’t know how!? Well in today’s episode, we get to do a bit of both! We go out with a local dive shop into 600 meters of water and have our first experience witnessing a dive shop chum. We know this can be a controversial issue so we just sat back and learned what we could about the beautiful Blue Sharks that finally built up enough confidence to come say hello 🙂 Blue then convinces Brady to go on a full day horseback ride, and after getting off to a rocky start- Brady morphs from a Cowboy to a CowMAN! Sean then wraps things up with a 101 on how to replace an outboard impeller. Lots of laughs and info in this one and we hope the tribe enjoys this first of many adventures on FAIAL! MUCH LOVE ~ Brady & Blue View More

Climbing the highest peak in Portugal! SV Delos Ep.254

Faial is really starting to stand up to the beauty we experienced in Flores! In this episode we learn a bit about how the Azores were formed from volcanic activity and then set off to climb the highest peak in all of portugal! The conditions couldn’t have been better with clear skies and a full moon! While on top we capture some of the most incredible time lapses we’ve seen. Once back at sea level we turn our attention to Delos and show her some TLC. The watermaker has a leak and there is some welding to do! Make sure to watch until the end for a Delos tribe surprise 🙂

View More

Flying Dinghies and Giant Mantas! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.255

What do you get when you take a rubber ducky and an Ultra Light hang glider and combine them into one? A FLYING DINGHY! Our dreams came true in the Azores when we found a chap who actually owned one and was willing to give us a joy ride! We had the time of our life going up in this little beast and hope you will enjoy the views too 🙂 After our adventure in the air it was time to dive into the deep blue and make our way to an offshore pinnacle where the diving was rumored to be pretty epic. So we gave it a shot and we were rewarded with the company of DOZENS OF MASSIVE MANTA RAYS!!! Tell us which experience you would come first on your bucket list! MAD LOVE from Senor Brady and Alexandra Azul! View More

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