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WE SUNK A BOAT!! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 213

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EVER WONDERED HOW TO SINK A BOAT?! And then go scuba diving on it?! It’s not very often you get to witness a boat sinking beneath the waves. While in Grenada we were lucky enough to, not only see it, but be part of it! We were onboard up to the last few minutes before the Tyrrel Bay went down. She was cleaned and scuttled specifically to become a dive site and artificial reef. View More

Pulling a Drunk Sailor off a REEF! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 212


It’s time for us to say goodbye to our beloved Tobago! But not without one more magical dive through the infamous London Bridge. After a peaceful night sail back to Grenada, we find a DRUNKEN SAILOR stuck on on the reef- full sails out and motoring even further in! After repeatedly turning down our offers of help, the cruiser community comes together and takes matters in their own hands! Thanks for watching and as always, be sure to like if you like, subscribe if you haven’t, and share with your sailing buddies. MUCH LOVE! ~Blue, Brady, Brian & Kazza!!! View More

We SUNK a boat!! **360 VIDEO***

360 VIDEO!

Watch this first!!

Use for your phone or VR headset to enjoy properly 🙂

See what it’s like to be on a ship as she goes down! We were lucky enough to be part of a project in Grenada to help build an artificial reef. The ship was stripped of all toxic and hazardous material, towed into the bay and SUNK! Feels pretty eerie to be aboard while this is going on!

PODCAST TIME with Senor Brady and Alex Blue!

It had been a long time since meeting Andy and Mia from . But as it always turns out, the sailing world is small. So, when we were in Antigua, Andy and Mia came and anchored right next to us. On a random night they came over and brought the fancy pants recording equipment to do a podcast with Brady and Alex! The last time we saw each other was bundled up in the arctic. Tune in for History, sailing, what’s next and some sailor knowledge! ENJOY!


THUNDERBALLS! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 211

Move over Bond, Breeeyawn is here! We heard some mixed rumors that Ian Fleming wrote a bunch of the James Bond novels while holed up in what is now an abandoned house on the rocky shores of Goat Island in Tobago. Determined to find the truth about this mysterious house, we go on a multi day exploratory filming mission where our strength and wits are tested by bats, laser spear guns, rogue eyeliner chunks, and room temperature vodka. Will we uncover the truth??? Watch to find out! Grab your shaken martini, get comfortable, and get ready to find out how we make our own entertainment on a tiny Caribbean island!! View More

Delos is BACK! Sailing to Tobago! Ep.207

After 5 months in Grenada, Delos was chomping at the bit to get back out there! We pull up the anchor and beat our way down towards the rugged and amazingly beautiful island of Tobago. Then it was time for that moment when we shut the engine off and the only sound you can hear is the wind and the waves lapping on the side of the boat….it’s an indescribable feeling of peace and freedom, and it had been way too long since we experienced it on Delos. Once we get settled into our anchorage, we go for a shakedown dive to test out all our gear, and most importantly, break in our brand new underwater communication system! It takes a bit of adjustment, but eventually you couldn’t shut us up down there!

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What It’s Like To Be NEW CREW on Delos! NEW SEASON! Ep.206

This is Jordans first edit for Delos!! She put a TON of love into it 🙂 Hope you like!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the new crew on Delos? Find out as we welcome our NEW CREW aboard, Nate and Jordan, two scuba diving instructors that we met in Grenada before we put Delos on the hard for hurricane season. We give them the proper Delos initiation which includes airport beers, a massive provisioning, and a work day to put the final touches on Delos to get her ready for her first passage in five months!

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Delos Dives Grenada! PATREON dive week!

Join our amazing Delos Tribe!!

This bonus vid is in honor of our amazing supporters around the world who inspire us to keep creating, traveling and sharing. We were lucky enough to get a big group together, bring em to Grenada and spend a week hanging out and diving!!

Much Love,
Mr. Brady

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Diving SILFRA & Van Life in ICELAND!! Ep. 203

Hey Delos Tribe!! Blue and I took 10 days away from Delos to explore Iceland by van. We didn’t really have intentions of making this an episode but of course we filmed the entire thing and Blue did a kick ass job editing it all together. Although the sailing life is #1 for us, we’re happy to share another beautiful part of the world with you!

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Much Love,
Brady and the Crew

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Music & Links!

00:00 ‘ramukanji’ by onetox – Watch the official Ramukanji (remix) lyric video! – Download/Stream Ramukanji (remix) here!

00:26 ‘I’m Walkin’ by Stan Forebee
01:51 ‘Hello Dreamer’ by Laikipia

02:22 & 13:39 ‘Summer Spliffs’ Broke for Free

04:45 & 23:19 ‘Evolution of Infinity’ Reinhardt Buhr

05:22 ‘Spring Vale’ Fujitsu
06:47 ‘Nowhere Else’ by Kupla

08:32 & 10:53 ‘Fork in the Road’ by Koresma

09:27 ‘Low Horizon’ by Kai Engel

17:05 ‘Gold Nova’ by baaskaT

18:20 ‘Vindens Son (pt. 2)’ Smari Tarfur

20:38 ‘Angel’s Landing’ by Brock Berrigan Berrigan

24:03 ‘Sliding into Heaven’ Smari Tarfur

27:07 ’Sail’ by Reinhardt Buhr

30:15 ‘Ramukanji Cover’ by Laikipia

31:19 ‘Weed Cat’ by Alann Ulises

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS DELOS TRIBE! The time has come for Brian and Kazza to get married 🙂 We are so stoked to have our family fly down to Antigua and celebrate with us! Senor Brady is not only the wedding planner but the officiate. So, we’ve decided to take it all in and focus on family over the next month which means we won’t be releasing episodes..BUT we will still be editing and getting ready to release our NEW season in January! So much goodness 🙂

Sending you tons of love and and good vibes for the the new year!

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Q n A – Delos 2.0, Lithium Batteries, Money and whats next! Friday Night LIVE-ish…

Way back in 2015 we were releasing 2 episodes a month….The time between when we filmed and released them was over a year! We made the decision to work our asses off and release 1 episode every week until we got “caught up”… Well, THE TIME HAS COME!!! Its taken 3 years but here we are, currently editing footage that we shot within the last month. This means we have time to be WAY more creative, switch things up and take on new challenges!! So, every so often a Friday can now be something like this! A Live Q and A, Bonus Video, 360 video, Slow TV Episode, Boat Work, etc…The possibilities are endless! View More

Our 200th EPISODE! Brian got kidnapped… SV Delos Ep.200

Yep, that’s right… We’ve hit 200 episodes! It seems like just yesterday we were cruising through the South Pacific in 2010. Time has flown by and here we are 9 years later still trying to make as many memories as possible. Thanks to all of you for being along for the ride!

What else would you do for your Captains Birthday than kidnap him to make his day extra special!? How about bring in a bit of crew love with our new friends in Grenada and some chill time out in the Grenadine Islands. Land life always needs to be balanced out with some sailing and spending quality time in the water with Kazza’s favorite creature, turtles!

Hope you enjoy our 200TH EPISODE! Endless love for our tribe who has embarked on this journey with us and continues to cruise along 🙂 Love you all! ~BBBK

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My Best Friend’s First Time on Delos! ‘LES GO SHECK IT OUT!’ Ep.199

Being away from friends is one of the hardest things about constant travel. After 8 years sailing the world my best friend, Matt, came down to Grenada for a visit. The entire week was inside jokes and immaturity. Want to see what its like for a newbie to be aboard? We take matt diving, sailing and surfing while with us!

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CARNIVAL in TRINIDAD! We be Limin’! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 196

CARNIVAL, WHOA! From the mud drenched sunrise parties to the extravagant costumes and days full of limin’ & chippin’ – our few weeks spent on Trinidad were truly the experience of a lifetime!! It became even more interesting when we dug into the history of this legendary event which spans centuries, cultures, continents and religions. We hope we did a decent job at capturing the vibe and maybe even inspired some of YOU to check it out yourselves one day 😀  View More

Untouched TOBAGO! We made it to the CARIBBEAN! Episode 195

Did we seriously just sail into the Caribbean!? After almost 10 years sailing around the world, we’ve made it to the sailors playground. The Caribbean is a mecca for cruisers and we just arrived into Tobago, the southern jewel! We are welcomed onto this beautiful island with 75% rum, waterfalls in protected rainforests forests and some of the best scuba diving of our LIVES!

Fair Winds, peace, and love from Brian, Karin, Alex, and Brady.  View More