Sailing along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia!

The Delos Diaries: Part 13 “Queen of the Desert”

“And… Princess of the week is…!”

We’re all sitting around the table, tapping our fingers excitedly against the wood as Mr Brady pulls a name from the pot.

To be Princess of the week is to get the crew to do whatever you please and whenever. You can use the power with dignity, or abuse it.

“Elizabeth!” View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 9 “Naked Dune Day.”

The morning comes and Brian is excited about another day of exploring.

“Ok, guys, there’s this dune we have to climb- it’s about a 3km walk there and then we climb the dune. So it’s probably about an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back. What you reckon?” View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 8 “The Skeleton Coast.”

I look down at the thing that has just crunched beneath my feet and take a step back quickly.

“Bones…” I mutter in astonishment. The white skull beneath my foot stares back at me accusingly, the deep black holes where eyes once were sunk deeper into the sand beneath my footprint. View More

The Delos Diaries: Part 7 “The Ghost Town of Luderitz.”

“It’s only seven thirty,” Alex said cheerfully. “We’ve got loads of time.”

Surrounded by music and dancing people in Luderitz, I wasn’t ready to go back to Delos right now. Brady had just returned from dropping off Lisa, Karin and Brian to the boat and was ready for a couple of drinks at the Cray Fish Festival. View More