Lemur Madness! Sailing through Madagascar- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 98

Madagascar is just one of those places that continues to blow us away! Our friend Rudy drew up a map of one of his favorite spots, which is just a short sail across the bay. We decide to go on an adventure in search of a holy tree, a water fall, and a village supposed to have lemurs and a massive tortoise.

Our mission takes us to a small island called Nosoy Momoko where not only do we find everything promised but the locals are having a boat launching ceremony where it takes the entire village to pull it into the water.

Just wanted to mention that most of the music from this video was actually recorded *LIVE* in Madagascar by some very cool people we met at parties and such. Links at the *BOTTOM* of the description. Peace and Love to you all and thanks so much for your support!


0:25 – Ramukanji by OneTox https://soundcloud.com/sailing-sv-del…
Live Madagascar Recordings https://soundcloud.com/sailing-sv-del…
Kiko- Covers https://soundcloud.com/sailing-sv-del…