Hidden Treasures of Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 191

Time to explore the hidden treasures of Fernando de Noronha! We start off by exploring Brazil’s most celebrated beaches. Feeling a pull to the ocean we long to breath underwater so we set off on a scuba diving adventure, and man was it a real treat! We had encounters with sharks, rays, and barracuda. Then, to top off an already incredible experience we scuba dive with something we’ve never, ever experienced before! I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did editing it. Much Love ~ Kazza and The Delos Crew

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Sailing to the Most Famous Island in Brazil! Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 190

What is the most exotic island in all of Brazil? You know, something with with sand beaches, crystal clear waters, dolphins, turtles, and of course awesome bars? We asked this question a lot and the reply from most people was “Man, you gotta check out Fernando de Noronha!” So we decided to sail there and check it out for ourselves. It’s our last stop in Brazil before setting sail for French Guyana, and we experienced all the island had to offer. View More

Gentleman Don’t Sail To Weather – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 188

We try not to sail to weather… Ever! It’s sort of like a big night of drinking, you promise you’ll never do it again. But…. We have a date with the airport in Recife and decide to make tracks north. We have 5 days of headwinds and current against us, but we make it to Recife. The only casualty- Mr. Brady’s laptop battles a wave and loses 🙁

We arrive just in time to greet Karin’s brother Ragnar, and say goodbye to our beloved Leesir Ninja Beast as she heads back home to friends and family in Austria.

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It doesn’t get any better than this… SV Delos Ep.186

It doesn’t get any better than this! Waking up in a beautiful place, going for a sail and diving straight off your home! All the hard work pays off :). In this episode, we go for one last dive in the beautiful Abrolhos Archipelago before setting sail north to our next destination, Brazils 3rd largest bay. We arrive in Camamu bay with incredible conditions and find our selves meeting the locals within a few minutes! We then go paddle boarding and drone flying!

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Ocean Conservation, Turtles, and SHIP WRECKS! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.185

You know how good it feels to finally be diving some good conditions! Last good diving was in Ascension Island!

The Abrolhos Archipelago is an amazing place. The conservation work of the government has paid off huge here. Turtles are everywhere! This place was once a very dangerous uncharted area, and now its a divers paradise 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy this episode edited by Blue, Brady Brian and Kiril!

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Sailing into Rio De Janeiro! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.183

When I think of Brazil, the iconic image of Rio automatically pops into my mind. And I’m pretty sure it does for you too. There’s just a certain mystique about this picturesque, exotic city nestled among breathtaking beaches and mountains that surround Guanabara bay.

Anchoring Delos right in the middle of this 7-million-person city was a completely surreal experience. If you asked me 10 years ago the chances that I would find myself in Rio, let alone on a sailboat here, I probably would have said next to nothing.

We spent nearly three weeks in Rio di Janeiro, and as you might imagine went on quite a few filming adventures. We feel like we got a good taste of the city, and picked out our favorite bits to show you what our experience was like. Enjoy 😀 ~Brian, Karin, Lisa, Brady and Alex

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UPS and DOWNS of our Sailing Life- Ep. 182

Sometimes the boat drags anchor, you lose your dinghy, things break, and you miss your family. But then you have fantastic islands and even better company to bring you back up! In this episode we explore a bit about both sides of this incredible lifestyle.

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Really hope you enjoy! Peace and love from Delos! Brian, Karin, Brady, and Alex

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Sailing Brazil’s Biggest Island, Ilha Grande – Ep. 181

It’s a great day sail to Brazil’s biggest island- Ilha Grande! A super beautiful spot with incredible beaches, clear water and even rumors of good diving! I have one of the most incredible moments swimming with a turtle and we explore the cozy town of Abraao where we meet some new friends! ;D Much Love to you all from Kazza and the Crew

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Brazil’s FAMOUS Dinghy Regatta, Churrasco, and Cachaca! Sailing vessel Delos Ep.180

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This weeks episode edited by @kiril_dobrev and @senor.brady has all the things you like.. Trust us.. haha Experiencing a local Brazilian Churrasco, racing in a dinghy regatta, and tasting the best Cachaca in the world! This area of Brazil is proving to be an incredible place proven so by the locals and scenery 🙂 Let us know what you think! Much Love

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LIVIN’ like the LOCALS in Paraty, Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.179

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It’s fair to say that despite Brasil’s amazing food and gorgeous coastline, by far our favorite aspect of this country is it’s PEOPLE! Brasilians always offer their instant friendship and a helping hand whenever they can! Check out our time in Paraty as we make friends with some locals who cook us local cuisine aboard Delos, show us some secret waterfalls, and attempt to teach us to slack line 😉 We also explore the colonial city of Paraty and learn how the ballast street stones which now line the streets were once traded for gold and the tide rises into the streets to keep the city clean! Hope you enjoy this mash-up from Killa Kril & Alex Blue! MUCH LOVE!! View More

Sailing Vs. City life! With a TWIST! Ep.177

From cross dressing in a regatta to the big city of Sao Paulo, Brazil! This episodes covers A LOT of ground so we tried something different. See what it’s like to be a sailor on the coast of Brazil then what its like for a sailor to visit a big city, experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells! Please let us know what you think as it was a fun challenge to put together 🙂 View More

5 Days on a Remote Brasilian Island! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 175

Ever wonder what it would be like to cruise around a remote Brasilian Island for a week? Although it’s filled with sunshine and floaty party’s, there are also personal struggles, heaps of boat work, and the possibility of waking up to your home rapidly moving towards a rocky lee shore!! Come play with us for the week and let us know YOUR stories of dragging anchor too! Mad love from BLUE & CREW! Xoxo 😀
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The MAGICAL Island that Chooses YOU! Ilha Anchieta, Brasil – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.174

Welcome to Ilha Anchieta, one of the most magical places we have ever visited! This island, which once acted as the Alcatraz of Brasil, is full of history, crazy characters, and beautiful creatures! There are not many places in the world that remain as naturally intact and protected as this special little island a few miles off the coast of Brasil. Check out the crew as we get to know our buddy Arturo a bit better and make friends with local Capybara’s, monkeys, and anteaters! BRASIL- we love you! So stoked to share this place with the TRIBE Much Love, Blue! View More

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