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Mastering OFF-GRID Living: 4 Key Things Every Sailor Should Know ⛵️ Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 441

In this video we’re breaking down the systems and technologies we’ve built up over the course of 14 years of full time sailing and living aboard our boat off grid. We will be covering 4 essential pieces of the puzzle that allow us not only to survive out here, but to live our lives comfortably! We will discuss electricity, how we make it, and what our set up is. We will talk about food: how we plan and figure out what we need, and how we store it. We will share how we’re able to turn saltwater into drinkable freshwater, and lastly, how we’re able to get the connectivity we need to stay safe, run our business, and entertain ourselves!

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This video is pretty detailed, so if you want to skip directly to certain content here are some chapters you can follow along with:

00:00 Introduction

01:29 4 key things

02:59 Electricity

12:42 Food Storage

19:03 Fresh Water

21:50 Communication & Entertainment



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ELECTRICITY On A Sailboat Q&A ⛵️ (Lithium, Solar, Wind)

This video is all about Lithium Batteries, Solar, Wind, Inverters, Chargers, and everything else Power Related to take your Yacht or Sailboat OFF-THE-GRID for a while!

This episode is dedicated to our Patrons, thanks so much for your great questions! There are timestamps below for each question.


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03:47 – Do the solar panels alone handle your electrical needs or is the generator needed on a regular basis?

06:10 – How much power do the sails create when Delos is sailing at 6 knots? Would there be a horsepower figure?

07:28 – What’s the fire risk with Lithium batteries? How do you reduce the risk?

09:23 – How much power do you produce from solar panels and wind generators?

14:35 – Is the wind turbine an effective source of power?

15:30 -Do you have your inverter turned on all the time or only when you need AC power?

17:46 – Can you run your air conditioning regularly off battery power?

20:36 – When do you start worrying about battery charge levels? And what steps do you take to conserve energy?

22:03 – When a boat converts to Lithium what changes need to be made to the charging system? Also mention spike suppressor.

25:29 – Have you thought about going to a high output alternator?

26:30 – Is a power audit worth doing?

27:40 – Do you still plot positions or are you mainly electric charts now?

28:50 – Where does one learn the basic of solar?

30:18 – Can you mix lead batteries with Lithium batteries to help with nighttime discharges?

31:13 – How can you track the power generated by wind and solar?

31:48 – Are you able to make water off your solar?

33:18 – How much solar would you need to go 100% electric, no generator, no Diesel engine?

41:03 – Are you a fan of the induction stovetop?

42:20 – How important is it to have the same bus bars and loads on high current applications?

43:44 – How can you protect your system from voltage spikes if the battery management system shuts off?

44:28- What electronics would you recommend for a small, simple day sailor

45:14 – What secondary charging method would you depend on?

BOAT WORK- B&G Halo 20+ Radar and Zeus 3S 9 Chart plotter FULL INSTALL

We do a full install of our new B&G Halo 20+ Radar, Zeus 3S 9 Chartplotter, and Triton 2 Sailing Displays. Since having Sierra onboard sailing and watch keeping has become more difficult as we find our attention divided between caring for The Little Nugget and Delos. Because of this we felt the need to upgrade our radar and chart plotter to a new B & G system with more manual controls and better radar zone and AIS alarms. We’re super excited to announce our partnership with B & G Sailing, and be using their radar, chart plotter, and instruments on SV Delos as we navigate our way south towards Panama 🙂

 @B&G Sailing  makes marine radars, instruments, and chartplotters with features built specifically for sailors.

We really hope you learn something from the video, I know that I did! If you have any questions about the new system pop them below and I’ll do my best to answer!

Equipment installed in this video:

Halo 20+ Radar –

Zeus 3S 9 Chartplotter –

Triton 2 Displays –

WE SAVED $45K on our 6 week MINI REFIT! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 313

Our 6 week mini-refit is in the final stages! We hoist our new Precision Sails Jib, Inspect our rigging, and nervously test our engine 🙂

Our quick rest stop turned into 6 weeks of non-stop boat projects, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In this episode we hoist our new Precision Sails jib, inspect the rigging, and crank up the trusty ole’ diesel beast! By doing all the work ourselves and rebuilding the injectors and pumps we saved well over $5,000 in parts alone. Together we put in 400 hours of labor during our stay, which at common rates here in Annapolis saved us over $40,000 dollars!

Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra

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BOAT WORK FAIL – When things go sideways! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 312

Things were going so smoothly… And then with one simple mistake it ends with a spark and a puff of smoke! I don’t know how many times we’ve said “Boat projects! They’re never straight forward!” We’re about half way though our massive boat-work list and some challenges are thrown our way. First off, our brand new washing machine is a touch too wide to fit through the companionway door, so we have to completely dismantle and rebuild it inside Delos. Then in a comedy of errors Brian drills though a very important electrical wire trying to mount the new washer 🙁 Oh yeah, and the dive compressor is giving us a fit but we’ll save that for later. We still manage to make progress and have never been closer to shoving off and sailing south! Woop Woop!

Hope you enjoyed this one! Much love from us! Brian, Kazza and Sierra

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BOAT WORK – Replacing our Fuel Injection, Motor Mounts, Anchor Chain! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 311

If you like boat projects you’re in for a treat! With Brian out of commission and not able to do any heavy lifting I take on the huge task of looking after Sierra as well as continuing to tackle our boat work list. In this video we install our new carpets and Brian guides me through replacing our fuel injection system. Our friend Bill from @calicoskiessailing installs new engine & transmission mounts, timing belt, and fuel injection pump and our good friend Ryan hears about Brian’s surgery and offers his help for a few weeks.

Cheers and thanks for watching! Brian, Kazza and Sierra

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6 Week MINI REFIT 😬⛵The Projects that Nearly Broke Us – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 310

You know that feeling when you’ve bitten more than you can chew? Winter sailing in New England is no joke, and it took its toll on both Delos and her crew. We find ourselves facing a gigantic project list to complete in only a few weeks before Karin’s US Visa expires. After running aground 4 times we finally make it to a dock in Annapolis to begin tackling our list. Delos is now over 20 years old and she’s in need of some love, and we’re in the perfect place for us to get some work done. After writing our to-do list we both feel a bit stunned by what we’ve taken on, and things don’t get easier as Brian heads in for surgery making him incapacitated for at least two weeks.

Thanks for watching and for all the love! Below are some links if you want to get even more emerged into our sailing life as a family. Many HUGS! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra

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FAQ: Lithium Battery Monitoring, Electrical Repair Kit, and 24V vs 12V DC

This is a series of questions asked by our patrons about Lithium batteries, solar charging, and electrical sailboat items in general. This series of videos covers the following questions:

What are some of the heavy draw electrical items on Delos?
What can be run directly off the batteries and inverters?
What tools, meters, and connectors do we carry on Delos?
What resources do we carry for troubleshooting electrical problems?
How do we monitor our batteries on Delos?
What fridges and freezers can you run off solar and wind?
How much does Air conditioning draw, and can we run it off our solar?
Do we power our laptops with a DC to DC converter or via the inverter?
Is it possible to maintain a 48V battery bank?
Is a 24V DC system practical?
What are the benefits of a 24VDC system?
Solar arch- Why don’t we have our dinghy on davits off the solar arch?
What is the make and model of our inverter?
Could we incorporate water collection into our solar panels.
Is there a difference in the taste of desalinated water?
Have we ever had issued with the solar panels in high wind?
Are the lithium batteries physically the same size as lead batteries?
What about safety with Lithium batteries?
Are solar panels cost effective?
How have prices for solar decreased since we first installed them?
Are Lithium batteries cost effective?
What wire gauge should you use for a solar charge controller?
Pro’s and Cons for a solar arch?
Can we run our dive compressor and water maker off solar and an inverter?
How much more power do we use on Delos than a “normal” cruising boat?
Is a Hybrid Electric drive a real option for a Bluewater cruising boat?
What would it take to get rid of a diesel generator?
How big is our fridge and freezer compared to a house?
How much does our entire arch and solar panel setup weigh?

System Overview for solar, wind, and lithium batteries – Electrical Boat Tech

A compete, high level view of the electrical system on a modern cruising sailboat. I put together a gigantic diagram and talk in detail about each component of the system, and how everything interacts to supply the electrical demand on a modern cruising sailboat. Topics covered in this video:

1) A project recap of the installation of our LIFePO4 Lithium Batteries, inverter, battery monitoring system, and switching to electric induction cooking on a sailboat.
2) A complete walk through of the electrical system of a modern cruising boat. Starting at the power sources (wind, solar, hydro, generator, and dock) Brian explains each part of the system and how everything works together.
3) We discuss the role of charge controllers and how important of a role they play.
4) How much power can we generated with wind and solar?
5) Just how noisy are wind generators?
6) 1 Year review of our Induction Stove and Electric oven and how it’s worked out.

For more details on the gear used for our electrical upgrades please visit:

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Tunes in this episode!
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Installing Lithium Batteries on a Sailboat!!! Part 1- Sailing Vessel Delos

Our Mission- Get rid of propane and move into the 21st century with induction cooking! We install a bank of Lithium batteries, a big ass inverter, and an induction cooktop. This video covers the installation process and what tweaks we made on Delos to get the system working.

Check out for some FAQ and more info on what we installed.

I think I will do a Part 2 that covers the rest of the configuration of the charge controllers, and what we do to replace the old propane oven. Stay Tuned, and thanks so much for all your support that makes these videos possible 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, and learned a little something like I did. For more of these types of videos please give the video a LIKE! Or buy us a beer ha ha 🙂

WATT the hell is an amp hour?

If you’ve ever wondered what the hell an amp hour is, how to calculate your power usage onboard, and what it means with respect to battery capacity then this video is for you! If you like this type of content and would like to see more please support us at .

Fair winds! Capt. Brian