FAQ: Lithium Battery Monitoring, Electrical Repair Kit, and 24V vs 12V DC

This is a series of questions asked by our patrons about Lithium batteries, solar charging, and electrical sailboat items in general. This series of videos covers the following questions:

What are some of the heavy draw electrical items on Delos?
What can be run directly off the batteries and inverters?
What tools, meters, and connectors do we carry on Delos?
What resources do we carry for troubleshooting electrical problems?
How do we monitor our batteries on Delos?
What fridges and freezers can you run off solar and wind?
How much does Air conditioning draw, and can we run it off our solar?
Do we power our laptops with a DC to DC converter or via the inverter?
Is it possible to maintain a 48V battery bank?
Is a 24V DC system practical?
What are the benefits of a 24VDC system?
Solar arch- Why don’t we have our dinghy on davits off the solar arch?
What is the make and model of our inverter?
Could we incorporate water collection into our solar panels.
Is there a difference in the taste of desalinated water?
Have we ever had issued with the solar panels in high wind?
Are the lithium batteries physically the same size as lead batteries?
What about safety with Lithium batteries?
Are solar panels cost effective?
How have prices for solar decreased since we first installed them?
Are Lithium batteries cost effective?
What wire gauge should you use for a solar charge controller?
Pro’s and Cons for a solar arch?
Can we run our dive compressor and water maker off solar and an inverter?
How much more power do we use on Delos than a “normal” cruising boat?
Is a Hybrid Electric drive a real option for a Bluewater cruising boat?
What would it take to get rid of a diesel generator?
How big is our fridge and freezer compared to a house?
How much does our entire arch and solar panel setup weigh?