Hello from Tanna Vanuatu!

We’ve been in Vanuatu waters for almost a week now. The sail was incredibly smooth and peaceful, one of those passages that you really don’t want to end. Just endless sunny days of drifting along on huge, rolling swells. We could have easily kept going but the islands of Vanuatu beckoned us from the horizon.

Boy time sure flies when you’re visiting John Frum Cults, climbing active volcanoes, and drinking bowls of wickedly strong Kava. The Kava here is no joke- it’s chewed in the Kastom style so along with the powerful root you’re ingesting saliva of many virgin boys. Two bowls and you’re done, three bowls puts us over the edge. Much more to come on that when we get some internet……

Anyway, for any cruisers still in Fiji we did check into Anatom. The process was smooth and easy and completed entirely onboard. The Customs officer Keith lives on the main island and is always around. Immigration and Quarantine fly into Mystery Island from Port Vila. Our timing was very fortunate to coincide with the arrival of the P&O cruise ship Pacific Sun. The officers flew in that morning to check the cruise ship in so we lucked out there. Another boat in the anchorage had been waiting since Saturday (3 days) for the officers to arrive. It may be worth a look at the cruise ship schedule to avoid any delays. Fees were 4000 Vatu for immigration, 3000 Vatu for quarantine, and 3000 Vatu for customs. Immigration and quarantine are paid in Anatom while customs must be paid in Tanna. There is a bank that will change foreign currency to Vatu in the village but no ATM. There is a rumor that you must pay the fees twice if you arrive in Anatom. This is not correct, just make sure you get receipts for any payments to show officials when you get to a major port. There is also no ATM in Tanna so bring cash. The ride to Lenekal from Port Resolution and back is 2000 Vatu pp. A ride to the volcano is 1000-1500 pp depending on the driver. The volcano entrance fee is 3350 Vatu pp. Last known rate here is 84 Vatu for $1 USD.