Mens Long Sleeve Rash Guard – LIMITED EDITION

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We’ve torture tested these long sleeve, sun resistant shirts both above and below the water for the last 6 months cruising on Delos and are happy to say they withstood our abuse!  They are perfect for protecting yourself from the elements, whether it be blazing sun with their 50 SPF protection, that nippy wind, or even those stingy little beasts that try and get you underwater.  Plus the stretchy material is o-so-comfortable 🙂

Kazza did the design of Delos sailing on the globe, and Mr. Brady used his somewhat dubious photoshop skills for the marketing photos….  We had them printed ourselves so there is no middle man involved, all proceeds go to support The Delos Project!  They are available in mens and women’s sizes to fit all 🙂 .   THESE ARE LIMITED EDITION SO GET EM WHILE WE GOT EM!

– MENS Color: Citrus and Blue

– UPF 50+ solar protection!

– 100% microfiber, lightweight and comfortable.

– Loose fitting.

– This fabric is powered by PURE-tech™ cool wicking technology.



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Weight4.1 oz




17 reviews for Mens Long Sleeve Rash Guard – LIMITED EDITION

  1. Glenn Magnus (verified owner)

    Great shirt. Got the large men’s blue. Art on the back is sweet! Woohoo!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Glenn, glad to hear you like it! Fair winds- Capt. Brian

  2. Ann-Britt Everett (verified owner)

    The sizing is waaaaay off. For anyone outside the US, the sizes are too big – one should go down one size. I can’t find any info on exchanges or returns. How do I do this? Otherwise a nice shirt, but my family can’t use the two that I bought.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Ann Britt- So very sorry to hear the size didn’t work out for you 🙁 . I was able to find your order number in our system, and I’ll have our fulfillment manager contact you via email so we can get the right sizes out to you! Fair winds, and wishing you all the best- Capt. Brian

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    These are great. 5’9” and the adult small is perfect. Bought both colors and wear them out on our own sailboat. Comfortable, art is awesome and they keep the sun from getting ya.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Joe,

      So glad to hear that, awesome! Wishing you fair winds on the water and thanks for supporting our project 🙂 . Fair winds- Capt. Brian

  4. JACKSON MILLER (verified owner)

    Love my new Delos shirt! Currently having a cup of coffee out of my “let the sea set you free” cup and wearing my new shirt. Who knew clothing can make you feel so happy on a Sunday AM. I Wish i could upload a photo. I got the blue one and ill get my wife the pink one.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Jackson! Awesome 🙂 So glad to hear you’d digging the new shirt! Thanks so much and wishing you fair winds- Capt. Brian

  5. John R Frank (verified owner)

    Love it. Getting compliments from other sailors on the dock. Well done!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey John, Thanks so much for rocking the shirt! Great to hear you like it 🙂 Fair winds and thanks for your support- Capt. Brian

  6. PIERO BELLINA (verified owner)

    Good value for money. I ordered the size inferred in the sizing chart comparing myself to Brian and Brady and it fits great.

  7. Keith Seymour

    Dear Delos Crew,
    Love the design/images of this shirt. Did I see a light yellow long sleeve rash guard/sun shirt on Capt. Brian? I would love a light yellow version … the contrast with the blues/greens in image on the back is perfect to my eyes. Was a light yellow version ever available on your “Shop” page? Backordered? Available in the near future? Really love your videos. Keep up the great work! Fair winds! Kentucky Keith would love to buy one for boat’n and float’n in our KY lakes! Please email me if a light yellow version is/becomes available. Thank you!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Keith, glad to hear you like the design! Your eyes did not deceive you, we ordered a light yellow one during our testing onboard. In the end we could only stock 2 colors for each, keeping too many color variations with sizes for all would have been really difficult for our inventory. I’ve noted your request in the meantime, but it will probably be next season before we continue adding any more colors. Fair winds and thanks so much for the comment. Capt. Brian

  8. Hugo Rifter (verified owner)

    I’m fair skinned and burn easily, so good ol Brady sent the mfg specs reassuring me that the shirt was spf 50+. Wore it every day on a 6 day backpacking trip in the Yosemite wilderness with temps of 80-90f and cloudless skies every day. Combined with a wide brimmed hat, never got a spot of red. Amazingly light and comfortable, awesome art design, and provided awesome UV protection.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Hugo, so happy to hear that! We have experienced the same on Delos, great protection from the sun. Fair winds and thanks so much for supporting our project with your purchase, and hope you continue to wear it in good health. Capt. Brian

  9. Jack Williams (verified owner)

    Delos Crew— we received our shirts a couple weeks ago. Took awhile going to Lake Chapala area in Mexico. But all is great, the shirts are absolutely wonderful. Fit was dead on what I expected. I’m 5’10 -170# and it’s fits great. Going to get another in the Coral color. Sitting here chilling watching your slow mo sailing as I write this. Fair winds and following seas. Be safe on your journeys.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Jack, thank you so much for your message and so happy to hear you are representing The Tribe from Mexico 🙂 Fair winds and hope you can wear it in good health. Capt. Brian

  10. Phillip Bielefeld II

    Brian, can you get this in short sleeve too?,I never wear long sleeve shirts. I also want to say, I have watch I think everyone of your Videos, Thank you so much!!, all of you! Be safe! and hope to meet you somewhere on land in U.S. Oh!,don’t know how long before the Baby get here, but Congrats!! From, Haines City,Fla.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hi Philip, gottcha. We have had a few others request this as well so will put some thought into what is available for the same type of shirt. Our dear little Sierra arrived 5 weeks ago, and is a healthy and happy baby girl. We hope to be back on Delos in November to continue our adventures as a family. Fair winds and wishing you all the best! Brian

  11. Robert Eberhardt

    Have not bought mine yet but my Brother said it is excellent quality and very comfortable and they have the size for big and tall men. Go to other You Tubers merch and the biggest size they have is XL. Great Job Brian, Kaza Brady and Blue!!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Heck yeah Robert, we even got all the way up to XXXXL I believe 🙂 . Hope you enjoy your shirt- Brian

  12. Dan

    Question brian. Im a 38 inch chest. Approx 5.10. Slim good-looking intelligent etc etc. What size do you recommend bro. Apologies for writing to you hear. I didn’t tale the time to search your blog for another contact number. Best regards

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      You sound a lot like me 🙂 sort of slim (but not really), people haven’t complained too much about my looks (since I started sailing at least)… I’m 5’10” and weigh 185 more or less depending on how much beer I have been drinking…. Ha Ha I wear a L size and it fits great! Have also heard from others that are the same height and weigh in at 170 and say a L fits them great as well. Hope this helps Dan! Fair winds- Capt. Brian

  13. Julian (verified owner)

    Really great shirts in all respects – just buy one, you wont regret it! I’m placing order number 2, thanks Delos.

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Julian, so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the shirt! Fair winds and wishing you all the best- Brian

  14. Jacob Helton (verified owner)

    I am 5’ 10” 195lbs and I bought the men’s rash guard in the coral in a L and it fits just right! It is made from a great material and the artwork in the back is splendid. Thank you all for the opportunity to purchase this item and be apart of the Delos tribe! I love all of your guy’s videos and would love to stay in contact with you all about your sailing adventures! Enjoy taking care of that little one of yours. Fair winds and smooth sailing to you, Captain!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Jacob, right on sounds like we are about the same size 🙂 So happy to hear you like the shirt and we’re honored to have your support. Fair winds and wishing you all the best! Capt. Brian

  15. Dave Chapman (verified owner)

    White shipping envelope in the mail… new Rash Guard shirts for my wife and me! Love the colors ( his/hers blue) and the fit is spot on! Next stop, Caribbean blue seas with snorkeling gear!

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Hey Dave, awesome so glad you hear you got the rashguards and dig the colors 🙂 . Wishing you fair winds and lot’s of good snorkeling! Capt. Brian

  16. Kay Kuhlen (verified owner)

    Hi Karen, Alex, Brady and Blue,
    I ordered 1 for me in size XXL and 1 for my wife in XL on September 15 for Germany. I received it Friday 4 October right before my 2 week sailing trip in Greece. So the perfect time for immediate and critical testing:
    – I am a 6 foot 7, 240 pds athletic guy and whenever I usually order shirts either the waste is for super oversized bellies or the sleeves are for T-Rex arms. Your material fits just perfect!
    – During sailing the wind breaker qualities were absolutely awesome. Even the sometimes chilly northern wind in the Cyclades couldn’t get through. On the other hand while moored and the sun is burning down from the blue sky my shirt indeed keeps the cool.
    – After a swim or a wave kissing my upper body the shirt dries in no time!
    – And the best thing last: Although it is made a 100% out of polyester it will not stink after a hard day’s work.
    Great job, Delos crew! Only the 35$ shipping was a pain in the neck, maybe when you are in Europe I pick a few up … 🙂
    Keep on with the great work you are doing. You guys make the world a better place!
    Kay & Petra, Cologne, Germany

    • brian-trautman (verified owner)

      Ahoy Kay & Petra! We’re all so very happy you like the long sleeve shirts 🙂 . We spent a lot of time trying out different ones before finding one that we felt worked really well, so it means the world to us that you feel the same. Sorry the shipping and customs clearance was a hassle…. Just yesterday Karin and I were talking about finding a place in Europe to ship from to make the experience better. Maybe we can convince Karin’s mom to help us out from Sweden 🙂 . Fair winds and wishing you both all the best in your adventures- Brian

  17. Kay Kuhlen (verified owner)

    It’s me again …
    Hi Karen, Alex, Brady and Brian of course …

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Size Chart

Brady and Brian are 190 lbs, 5' 11"  (86kg, 182 cm) and wear a MENS LARGE.Karin is 110 lbs, 5' 4" (50kg, 163cm) and wears a WOMENS SMALL.Blue is 145 lbs 5'9" (66kg, 175cm) and wears a WONENS LARGE.

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