Scuba Diving with SHARKS!! Bassas Da India – Sailing SV Delos Ep. 100

Sailing to South Africa we stop at remote Bassas Da India for a shark diving expedition!!!It was really sad to leave our beloved Madagascar but at the same time I felt incredibly excited to explore a new continent. We made plans to stop for some Scuba Diving at Bassas Da India, an extremely remote sunken atoll out in the middle of the Mozambique channel. No people, no land, and hundreds of sharks! This was extreme diving for sure and I definitely felt nervous, we had sharks circling us the whole time and a huge grouper almost swallowed our GoPro + Brian’s hand!
One of my favorite passages!

Hope you enjoy!

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00:01 Ramukanji by Onetox (…)
01:12 Cruising by Tatono (
02.36 One Minute by Savi Fernandez band (www.
03:41 Last Wilt of Winter by Andrew Rothschild (
05:16 Stepping Out(Feat Choc Stix) by Ryan Kidwell (
06:43 Eunoia by Andrew Rothschild (
09:41 Sol by Andrew Rothschild (
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13:06 Let Go by Andrew Rothschild (
15:37 Savann (Fallondrin remix) by Max Noremo (
17:56 Letting go by Phoebe Leyten (
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