Sailing on the Cheap in Madagascar- SV Delos Ep. 97

Sailing doesn’t have to be expensive! Madagascar is a gem that we really fell in love with and it’s incredibly cheap living. Amazingly beautiful people, cheap cold beer, great food, and plenty of places to explore.

It’s a real gem where you can fill the boat up with rum, beer, and food for less than $30 bucks. Not to mention crazy cool nature reserves that set you back about $1. Hopefully this video gives you into a glimpse into what made Madagascar so special for us. Oh Yeah, and we took *1st Place* in the Nosy Be Regatta!

Just wanted to mention that most of the music from this video was actually recorded *LIVE* in Madagascar by some very cool people we met at parties and such. Links at the *BOTTOM* of the description. Peace and Love to you all and thanks so much for your support!


0:25 – Ramukanji by OneTox…
00:59 – Live Madagascar Recordings…
22:51 – Kiko- Cover 1…