Sailing and rock climbing in Madagascar, a sailors Paradise!! – SV Delos Sailing Ep. 96

After half our family leaves Delos we find it a bit strange getting used to just the 3 of us on board! Slowly we start feeling better and Madagascar shows us how special of a place it really is! We meet awesome friends, go sailing and even do some epic rock climbing!

0:25 – Ramukanji by OneTox (
1:15 – Easy Lemon by Kevin McCleod (
1:50 – Life of Riley by Kevin McCleod (
6:57 – Sunday Plans by Silent Partner (YouTube audio library)

Featured music
09:30 – Nosy Be Tropical by Basta Lion (…)
11:10 – Live Acoustic songs by Madagangsta…
15:30 – Taking it Easy by Good Luck (
18:50 – Blessed by The Savi Fernandez Band (
21:30 – One Minute by The Savi Fernandez Band (