My Silly $5,000 Mistake! Sailing Vessel Delos ep 321

In a freak accident I lost our entire downwind whisker pole overboard. And now I get to build one from scratch. The big question- how much will it cost?

The cruisers code is kind of like the Good Samaritan law, except at sea! We begin this episode by helping our friends Bill & Grace on  @Calico Skies Sailing  sort out a problem with their fuel. After clogging 17 filters on the trip south I decided to pitch in and help them sort out the problem. Plus, it’s always fun working someone else’s boat 🙂

With Calico Skies in good shape we turn our eyes towards our own projects and move Delos to a friends dock in Boca Raton. We have a pretty fat project list, with building a new downwind whisker pole topping the list. The poles used on Delos are a custom design and not available off the shelf so I need to create a carbon copy of the pole I lost from scratch. After sourcing the raw materials I spend some time running from the metal warehouse to the machine shop to the fabricator. At least we’re making progress…..

Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra

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