Life of a Somewhat Successful Internet Sailor 🤩 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 405

The Annapolis Boat Show is one of the largest and most prestigious events of its kind on the planet.  On paper, it’s a chance to check out the latest and greatest gadgets and tour some shiny new boats, but for us, it’s the one time of the year that a collection of our favorite people in the universe who are normally scattered all around the world can all be found in one place.  There would be lots of YouTubers, lots of shenanigans, lots of alcohol, and lots of incredible moments shared with the people who have made this entire journey possible, you guys, the Delos Tribe. The whole experience was pretty surreal and humbling in so many ways.  In 2010 I posted my first YouTube video about crossing the Pacific Ocean.  It was more or less a glorified home movie to let my friends and family know that I was still alive on my 18 month sabbatical from work.  But somehow, my 18 month sabbatical turned into a 13 year trip around the world, and my home movie evolved into an entire way of life.

Never in a million years did I expect to have hundreds of thousands of people following our journey and supporting us at every step of the way.  But above all, the most unbelievable part was learning how the simple act of sharing our story would inspire so many others to build the life they always dreamed of.  Meeting with the Delos Tribe we heard stories of hope, challenges, loss, triumph, and everything in between.  And learning face to face what an impact our journey has had on their lives is an experience that I will always hold close to my heart, and it’s what inspires us to keep going and keep sharing it all with you.


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