NERVOUS! Lifting our 20 TON Boat Home Out of the Water! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 404

This hasn’t gotten any less SCARY for us 🙈 Even though it’s our 9th time pulling Delos out of the water, it’s still such a nerve racking experience…there are just so many things that can go really really wrong. You’re basically asked to steer your boat into a narrow, concrete like bunker with a gigantic machine looming over head. There’s usually some old tires and rusty bits of metal waiting to impale your vessel should anything go wrong. So you approach slowly and if you have timed the tides correctly you glide over the slings, and stop just before ramming your bow into the wall, or your forestay into the machine’s cross brace (both of which are considered bad form 😂 ) As the machine tightens the slings and starts to take the weight, it’s a surreal experience to feel yourself and your boat lifted out of the water supported by only a few straps and pins.

Hauling Delos out of the water marks the end of our 11th season of sailing. It feels like SO LONG ago that we cast the lines in Shelter Bay and began the 3,000+ mile journey from the Panama Canal up to the northern end of the Sea of Cortez. Our time being back in the Pacific ocean has pretty much mirrored what we’ve found to be true about cruising in general- alternating between the highest highs and the lowest lows, sometimes even simultaneously. While we’d had some pretty big challenges during this time (Hurricanes, Salmonella poisoning, and basically the entire coast of Costa Rica spring to mind) overall it’s been a pretty special and unforgettable season for us, and just seeing how much Sierra has grown and developed during this time is pretty mind blowing! But it feels great to close another chapter and make way for an exciting new one as we prepare to cross the Pacific Ocean again!


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