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Diving SILFRA & Van Life in ICELAND!! Ep. 203

Hey Delos Tribe!! Blue and I took 10 days away from Delos to explore Iceland by van. We didn’t really have intentions of making this an episode but of course we filmed the entire thing and Blue did a kick ass job editing it all together. Although the sailing life is #1 for us, we’re happy to share another beautiful part of the world with you!

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Much Love,
Brady and the Crew

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00:00 ‘ramukanji’ by onetox – Watch the official Ramukanji (remix) lyric video! – Download/Stream Ramukanji (remix) here!

00:26 ‘I’m Walkin’ by Stan Forebee
01:51 ‘Hello Dreamer’ by Laikipia

02:22 & 13:39 ‘Summer Spliffs’ Broke for Free

04:45 & 23:19 ‘Evolution of Infinity’ Reinhardt Buhr

05:22 ‘Spring Vale’ Fujitsu
06:47 ‘Nowhere Else’ by Kupla

08:32 & 10:53 ‘Fork in the Road’ by Koresma

09:27 ‘Low Horizon’ by Kai Engel

17:05 ‘Gold Nova’ by baaskaT

18:20 ‘Vindens Son (pt. 2)’ Smari Tarfur

20:38 ‘Angel’s Landing’ by Brock Berrigan Berrigan

24:03 ‘Sliding into Heaven’ Smari Tarfur

27:07 ’Sail’ by Reinhardt Buhr

30:15 ‘Ramukanji Cover’ by Laikipia

31:19 ‘Weed Cat’ by Alann Ulises

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS DELOS TRIBE! The time has come for Brian and Kazza to get married 🙂 We are so stoked to have our family fly down to Antigua and celebrate with us! Senor Brady is not only the wedding planner but the officiate. So, we’ve decided to take it all in and focus on family over the next month which means we won’t be releasing episodes..BUT we will still be editing and getting ready to release our NEW season in January! So much goodness 🙂

Sending you tons of love and and good vibes for the the new year!

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Bye Bye Delos! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 202

What does it take to get a sailboat like Delos ready to haul out and be stored in the yard for a few months? Join us for the last sail of the season on Delos and we’ll walk you though it! It takes quite a bit of work to do it properly but with the right knowledge and planning it’s not too bad.

This video has a lot of love, deep reflections of our lives on the water and a lot of boat work as we prepare Delos to be hauled out while we head back to visit our families for a few months.

Much Love ~ Kazza and the Crew

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Q n A – Delos 2.0, Lithium Batteries, Money and whats next! Friday Night LIVE-ish…

Way back in 2015 we were releasing 2 episodes a month….The time between when we filmed and released them was over a year! We made the decision to work our asses off and release 1 episode every week until we got “caught up”… Well, THE TIME HAS COME!!! Its taken 3 years but here we are, currently editing footage that we shot within the last month. This means we have time to be WAY more creative, switch things up and take on new challenges!! So, every so often a Friday can now be something like this! A Live Q and A, Bonus Video, 360 video, Slow TV Episode, Boat Work, etc…The possibilities are endless! View More

SAIL. DIVE. REPEAT. Welcome to the FUNGATTA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 201

What’s a FUNGATTA???? Well, it’s a triathlon of events including sailing, diving, partying, and general good times 🙂 When Rick from Sophisticated Lady mentions a regatta up north in Bequia, nestled in the turquoise waters of the Grenadines it sounds like too cool of a mission to pass up. We set sail and buddy boat north to find yet another incredible sailing paradise. The only problem- the race is called off for lack of wind. So what do sailors do when there is no wind? Well the first this that pops into our minds is drinking rum and scuba diving. And so the Delos Fungatta series is born! This is a feel good episode with lot’s of sailing, scuba diving, and general good vibes. Hope you enjoy! Edit by Leeesir and Capt. Breeyawn. Much love from The Delos Crew

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Our 200th EPISODE! Brian got kidnapped… SV Delos Ep.200

Yep, that’s right… We’ve hit 200 episodes! It seems like just yesterday we were cruising through the South Pacific in 2010. Time has flown by and here we are 9 years later still trying to make as many memories as possible. Thanks to all of you for being along for the ride!

What else would you do for your Captains Birthday than kidnap him to make his day extra special!? How about bring in a bit of crew love with our new friends in Grenada and some chill time out in the Grenadine Islands. Land life always needs to be balanced out with some sailing and spending quality time in the water with Kazza’s favorite creature, turtles!

Hope you enjoy our 200TH EPISODE! Endless love for our tribe who has embarked on this journey with us and continues to cruise along 🙂 Love you all! ~BBBK

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My Best Friend’s First Time on Delos! ‘LES GO SHECK IT OUT!’ Ep.199

Being away from friends is one of the hardest things about constant travel. After 8 years sailing the world my best friend, Matt, came down to Grenada for a visit. The entire week was inside jokes and immaturity. Want to see what its like for a newbie to be aboard? We take matt diving, sailing and surfing while with us!

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Gettin’ Deep into the Grenada Cruiser Scene – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 198

Grenada is a black hole that will suck you in, or at least that’s what we’ve heard, and after spending a little time here we can see why! In this episode we have some incredible sailing, we say goodbye to Eric, Maureen, and Colin and life returns to normal on Delos. At least for a few hours…. Rick from Sophisticated Lady tells us of a dinghy cruiser concert, which sounds too cool to pass up so we move Delos over to Hog Island and get deep into the heart of the cruiser scene with one hell of a party!

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One Helluva sail to Grenada! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.197

The sail from Trinidad to Grenada is supposed to be eazy-peazy right? Just a leisurely 80NM sail to another island. NOPE!!! It turns out to be one of the roughest overnight passages we’ve had this season with squalls gusting into the 40 knot range that knocked us around all night long with big seas and current against us. Not to mention we had two fresh greenhorns onboard, Eric and Maureen, who were our Patron Crew Contest winners for this leg. There’s no better way to break in a new sailor than with a good overnight passage in some hectic conditions 🙂

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CARNIVAL in TRINIDAD! We be Limin’! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 196

CARNIVAL, WHOA! From the mud drenched sunrise parties to the extravagant costumes and days full of limin’ & chippin’ – our few weeks spent on Trinidad were truly the experience of a lifetime!! It became even more interesting when we dug into the history of this legendary event which spans centuries, cultures, continents and religions. We hope we did a decent job at capturing the vibe and maybe even inspired some of YOU to check it out yourselves one day 😀  View More

Untouched TOBAGO! We made it to the CARIBBEAN! Episode 195

Did we seriously just sail into the Caribbean!? After almost 10 years sailing around the world, we’ve made it to the sailors playground. The Caribbean is a mecca for cruisers and we just arrived into Tobago, the southern jewel! We are welcomed onto this beautiful island with 75% rum, waterfalls in protected rainforests forests and some of the best scuba diving of our LIVES!

Fair Winds, peace, and love from Brian, Karin, Alex, and Brady.  View More

SLOW TV – Sailing Up the Maroni River, French Guiana – Sailing Vessel Delos

This is a bit of an experiment, and you are the guinea pigs he he 🙂

On a recent sail we were inspired by a TED talk on the concept of Slow TV. The idea is to capture an experience from a point of view over a long time span. In this case we were exploring the Maroni river in French Guiana. We hooked up a few Go Pro’s on Delos and let them run until the battery went dead. We also recorded the audio separately with our external microphone.

The video is 3 hours and 40 minutes long and meant as ambient background with audio. Maybe put it on the TV while you eat or a second monitor while you work. I dunno but hope you enjoy!

Love Brady, Alex, Brian, and Karin.
PS- Here is a link to the TED talk if you are interested:

A SAILBOAT up a South American Jungle river? – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 194

Why would you sail your home up a jungle river in French Guyana?   Well because it’s fun obviously! One of our favorite things is exploring off the beaten path in Delos, and taking our sailing home up a fresh water river is too cool to pass up. We get Delos way back off of a small tributary and anchor up for some dinghy exploring in Maggie. We notice that the animals are extremely skittish, and and find a patch of forest that’s been utterly destroyed by illegal logging.

We return to the town of Maroni to seek answers and try to figure out what’s going on. We tour a traditional village in Suriname, witness the local carnival, and finally end up a a wildlife sanctuary where we get some answers about what’s going on with the ultra-skittish monkeys. Then when our trip to French Guyana just couldn’t get any more random we get access to the European Spaceport and are able to film an Ariane V rocket launch! Incredible!!!

Fair Winds, peace, and love from Brian, Karin, Alex, and Brady.

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Tunes used in this video
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Song: Ramukanji (Remix)
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Time: 05:54
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Artist: Broke For Free
Time: 07:27
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Song: Se Vive Equal
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Song: Old Tricks
Artist: AJMW – Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2017
Time: 28:18
Song: Retro Wave
Artist: Aries Beats

Sailing into a NIGHT SQUALL!!!! Life in the ITC ZED- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 193

NIGHT SQUALL!!!!! On day 9 of a 1,400 mile passage we get hit in the middle of the night by a massive squall! The wind is hitting a solid 45 knots and the rain is driven so hard it’s blinding us. We accidentally jibe, take a wave in the salon hatch, and it takes all hands on Deck to get Delos under control and properly reefed as we cruise down the waves making over 14 knots. That pretty much sums up life in the ITC ZED….

The next day we sight land and sail Delos into the jungle rivers of French Guyana. We’re struck by the quiet and calmness the jungle river provides us after so many days rocking and rolling on the ocean. Time to explore French Guyana!

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Drone LOST at Sea! Crossing the EQUATOR! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.192

Behind the scenes on Instagram @svdelos
Holy hell, Kiril did an incredible job editing this beast of an open ocean sailing episode. We say a sad goodbye to Brazil and set sail northwest….to…we don’t really know YET. Along the open ocean passage we visit remote reefs, LOSE OUR DRONE, celebrate a birthday and put BLUE through her equator crossing ceremony! View More

Hidden Treasures of Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 191

Time to explore the hidden treasures of Fernando de Noronha! We start off by exploring Brazil’s most celebrated beaches. Feeling a pull to the ocean we long to breath underwater so we set off on a scuba diving adventure, and man was it a real treat! We had encounters with sharks, rays, and barracuda. Then, to top off an already incredible experience we scuba dive with something we’ve never, ever experienced before! I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did editing it. Much Love ~ Kazza and The Delos Crew

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Sailing to the Most Famous Island in Brazil! Fernando de Noronha – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 190

What is the most exotic island in all of Brazil? You know, something with with sand beaches, crystal clear waters, dolphins, turtles, and of course awesome bars? We asked this question a lot and the reply from most people was “Man, you gotta check out Fernando de Noronha!” So we decided to sail there and check it out for ourselves. It’s our last stop in Brazil before setting sail for French Guyana, and we experienced all the island had to offer. View More