Diving SILFRA & Van Life in ICELAND!! Ep. 203

Hey Delos Tribe!! Blue and I took 10 days away from Delos to explore Iceland by van. We didn’t really have intentions of making this an episode but of course we filmed the entire thing and Blue did a kick ass job editing it all together. Although the sailing life is #1 for us, we’re happy to share another beautiful part of the world with you!

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Much Love,
Brady and the Crew

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Music & Links!

00:00 ‘ramukanji’ by onetox – Watch the official Ramukanji (remix) lyric video! – Download/Stream Ramukanji (remix) here!

00:26 ‘I’m Walkin’ by Stan Forebee
01:51 ‘Hello Dreamer’ by Laikipia

02:22 & 13:39 ‘Summer Spliffs’ Broke for Free

04:45 & 23:19 ‘Evolution of Infinity’ Reinhardt Buhr

05:22 ‘Spring Vale’ Fujitsu
06:47 ‘Nowhere Else’ by Kupla

08:32 & 10:53 ‘Fork in the Road’ by Koresma

09:27 ‘Low Horizon’ by Kai Engel

17:05 ‘Gold Nova’ by baaskaT

18:20 ‘Vindens Son (pt. 2)’ Smari Tarfur

20:38 ‘Angel’s Landing’ by Brock Berrigan Berrigan

24:03 ‘Sliding into Heaven’ Smari Tarfur

27:07 ’Sail’ by Reinhardt Buhr

30:15 ‘Ramukanji Cover’ by Laikipia

31:19 ‘Weed Cat’ by Alann Ulises