Off to Fatu Hiva

We spent the last week circumnavigating the island of Hiva Oa, hopping from bay to bay along the north side of the island. We’ve had some amazing experiences meeting locals and being introduced to the Marquesan lifestyle. Brady made quick friends with a local in the surf break and ended up spending the night ashore with him and his friends. More on that later…..

The Marquesan’s are extremely generous and have shared their abundance of fruit by showering us with papaya, mango, banana, breadfruit, limes, grapefruit, and a few other’s that we’re not familiar with. You can’t step foot on shore without seeing a fruit bearing tree. We have a huge stalk of bananas hanging off our stern rail that was delivered in a kayak by our friend Juakeen in Hanamenu. Each morning for breakfast we gorge ourselves as the fruit ripens.

Sailing in the SE trade winds has been incredible and we’re only using the motor to get on and off the anchor. The breeze is consistent in both speed and direction which makes sailing such a joy.

We left Hiva Oa at 6:00AM this morning to make landfall at Fatu Hiva before dark. We’re hoping to find internet on Fatu Hiva . We have tales to tell and more in depth blog posts that require internet for the pictures.