Day 5 – Tonga to New Zealand

Brrrrr! Last night I wore gloves, hat, jacket, pants, and even boots. Our blood has definitely thinned out over the past year in the tropics. In Seattle 67F would be a great day to wear shorts!

Today was sunny and beautiful sailing with temps in the mid 70’s. The trades have now backed to the NE, giving us a push from behind and Delos is lazily rolling down the ocean swells making a comfortable 6 knots.

We’re trying to eat everything on the boat before checking into customs and having it thrown away. We still have some frozen meats and fresh veggies to get through but I think we can pull it off.

940 miles done, 110 more to Opua, New Zealand. Our ETA should be just before noon if we can keep this up. Only one more night!