Day 3 – Tonga to New Zealand

Still making good speed to New Zealand. Erin was pretty seasick for the first few days but is feeling better. She left with bronchitis and thinks it might have screwed up her equilibrium. We’re all getting plenty of sleep on this passage, so we’re well rested.

It is getting cold, though. It’s crisp outside — something we haven’t really felt since northern Mexico and Southern California. The humidity is going down and so is the temperature. We don’t have an outdoor thermometer, but we think it’s getting into the 60s at night and hovering around the low 70s during the day. Compared to the 95 degree temperatures we’re used to, that’s chilly! We’re all wearing pants and long sleeves, but we’re not ready to give in to the dreaded sock quite yet.

Tonight we’re feeling well enough to cook a bit of fresh food, so we’ll try to use the last of our vegetables and make a salad. That might not seem like a lot of work, but when the boat is bouncing and leaning over at 25 degrees, it’s tough. New Zealand customs officials will take away all of our fresh veggies and meat, so we’re hoping to get through it before we make landfall.

We have 456 miles to go until we reach Opua, where we’ll check in and clear into the country. We’re getting close!