A BIG Bula Vinaka to you Fiji

Our two months in Fiji passed by way to quick. We departed a few days ago and are sailing west, toward the islands of Vanuatu.

So far the sailing has been light and easy as predicted. We have 7 knots of breeze behind the beam and the seas are glassy and flat. We’re not breaking any speed records but the boat is comfortable and we’re not in any hurry.

Yesterday we got on the hottest fishing streak we’ve seen yet. In a period of 4 hours we hooked 8 fish! Two got away but we landed 4 Mahi-Mahi and 2 tuna on deck. We couldn’t clean and filet them fast enough. The fridge and freezer is full of fish and Paul made some awesome Mahi tacos.

We’re just a little behind on our blogs…. Ok, we’re just over a month behind but hope to get caught up on the passage so we can publish them when we get to Vanuatu. We hope to arrive in two days.