Crew Contest 2016- Leg 1 Winners MATEY!!!!

WE’VE GOT SOME NEW CREW!! As a tribute to our amazing time in South Africa we have selected some South African crew for our sail from Cape Town to La Reunion! Congratulations Kiril, Dil-Lion, and Carmen! It’s gonna be a Lekker sail!

But don’t be disappointed just yet!! We have have been so blown away and humbled by all the remarkable people from all over the world that we’ve put together our TOP 10 FINALIST SUBMISSIONS. We’ll pick ANOTHER WINNER for later this season soon!! Check out THE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…
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We love you all and the dedication and time you have put into these crew videos! If only Delos was 20 times the size, we would have all of you come join us… Peace, Love, and Hugs